Ewa Michalak CH cherry 65DD

A lot of women rave about the CH bra, for it’s shelf like projection at the bottom. I can say I never really looked at the few CH styles because I’ve had a few CHPs and I don’t wear them. The CHPs fit me nicely in the cups, but as with  ost Ewa styles the wires are way too hard for me. So, I buy the CHPs because I like them, but then I end up never wearing them. Which is why I had no interest in buying this bra, add to the fact that when this style first came out, there were a few issues with the sizing. Plus I’m not really into strapy lingerie.

But about a year ago, I decided to buy this bra (it may have been an exchange, I don’t recall at this point). I got it because it was cute. I have a thing for red/burgundy bras.

Although I’ve only worn this bra about 2 times, I was surprised to find out that it was actually comfortable, unlike my CHPs. The gore didn’t stab me. I haven’t worn itch, because it feels too ‘fancy’ to wear to work.


The band stretches to about 27.5 inches. This is 1 inch smaller than my snug underbust, and there was a few times when  a side of the band (elastic) felt too tight. Its not an all day thing, but it comes and goes.


The gore height is 2.25 inches high, which is relatively high. It’s also .75 inches wide, which makes it surprising that the gore doesn’t cause me any pain. The straps are connect to the gore at the middle. The bow at the fire is really big, too big, imo. I think it would look a lot better if it was the size of the bows on the straps.



Excuse the underarm hair. I missed a waxing appointment 😓

The straps are a little under 1/2 inch wide. They didn’t feel too wide set for me, but they might be on others. The strapping design is hooked to the straps on one end with a small black ring. This ring does seem to twist a bit when worn.


The cups for 65DD are 5 inches wide and 8 inches deep. The height of the cup is almost 5 inches, which is pretty short. While I believe these measurements are the norm for 65DD the cups seem more to be more open and deeper st the bottom, so anyone interested in this style may need to size down. In the current pics, the bra is most likely too small, but since it’s so open at the top it still looks okay.

The strappy detail is fully adjustable. To adjust the straps, I’ve noticed that you have to push it through the bottom part of the slider, then push the excess through the top part. There’s too much bulk there to just adjust it at once, like you would do with bra straps.

I do want to point out, that I have tall roots and I’ve seen it written that these straps work best on tall roots, and I guess it may be, but when I first put this bra on, I had to pull the strapping in a rounded way so it would cover most of my breast root, but it is worn normally for these pics.



Have you tried this bra or any other CH bras?

Ewa Michalak CHP Opium 65DD

This will be a 3-part series on my experience with the Opium bra in 3 styles (as of now)

This will be a short review, since I didn’t wear the bra, and I ended up selling it. I owned this bra for 4 months before I  decided to sell it. I bought it with the matching shorts, so I need a bra to match. I don’t love the shorts, but I love the opium print. Hopefully I will get around to reviewing the shorts when I get a bra that fits.

I love the look of Ewa’s CHP, but on pretty much every one that I’ve owned the gore has pressed into my sternum. I’ve owned 3 CHPs, and 2 of them I sold…


As I’ve said, the gore on this bra was irritating- measuring at 2.25 inches (5.72 cm) high, and .6 inches (1.52 cm) wide. If the wires were softer, this wouldn’t have been an issue, but the wires are pretty hard, so the height and width were problematic for me. My breasts are close set (possibly center full, but I’m not completely sure), so I need a gore that is thin, and the higher it goes, the thinner it needs to get.


The cups were a little too open on the top, not enough to size down, but I would have been okay with the pads in (I hate wearing pads). If I still had the bra now, I may have liked the fit of the cups more. I’m not sure why they were too open, because in terms of measurements the bra should have been perfect– cup height 5.25 inches (13.34 cm), cup width 5 inches (12.7 cm), cup depth 8.2 inches (20.83 cm)

Smaller breast

Bigger breast


The straps are relatively wideset, but not wide enough to irritate my skin.


Ewa Michalak Braobsessed Exclsuive Fairytale bra 65DD + brief

I returned the 65E fairytale bra, and asked Jaimie for 1 cup size smaller- 65DD.  However, I didn’t respond to Jaimie when she asked me if I wanted her to add the fairytale 65DD to her current order (august), so it ended up being placed in her next order, and luckily I was able to get the last bra made out of this fabric. I say luckily, because I kept the panties, but returned the ill-fitting bra.

Jaimie let me know this bra was included in her Oct order, and it was shipped to me Nov 9th (2 days after my birthday). I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but in November all of my international packages took longer than normal to be delivered, I think I got it a little under 2 weeks.

I love it. The bra is all around comfortable.


There is no space in the cups. In the pics the cups appear slightly pointy, but the material has relaxed with wear (yes, I’ve worn this a few times, but not back to back). The height of the cup is nice and low, at 5.25 inches (a hair lower than the 65E). The depth of the cup is 8.25, which is a lot better than the 9 inch depth that the 65E had. Oddly enough the width of the cup in 65DD is bigger than that of 65E, 5.25 inches and 5 inches respectively.



The band is nice and firm. It stretches to 27.5 inches, which is 1 inch smaller than my comfortable underbust measurement, but it doesn’t feel too tight.


I didn’t have to adjust the straps with this bra as much as I did with the 65E. The straps are about halfway adjusted in these pics, but I think I loosened them up a little more after wearing. (The ribbon on the front of the straps may appear whitish, but it’s actually a very light purple, and matches the ribbon on the cups)



The gore is low (but higher that the 65E), at 1.75 inches. The cup separation is .75 inches, but I think I need something narrower. It’s not sitting on tissue, but I think a narrower gore would suit me better.


The panties

The panties are size 36

One of the things I didn’t like about this set at first was the the fabric on the panties doesn’t match (color wise) with the bra. They’re more of a bluish purple. However, I do wish I also bought the thong.

I love Ewa’s panties/thongs, as they’re very comfortable. The material is very soft. They do ride up a bit when walking around with no pants on (the pic shows how they look when I walked from my room to my balcony), but this isn’t something I’ve noticed when wearing pants. They do have a considerable amount of coverage, but they’re not “grannyish”. The gusset is diamond shaped, and the seam is visible from the front.


Ewa M HM Sekret Wiktorii 65DD

I bought this bra, because 1 I love the way it looks, and 2 because I wanted to try an unlined Ewa bra. I kept going back and forth on what size to get, because there wasn’t a lot of info on unlined bras in my size, as well as a lot of info for this bra in particular. I ended up going with 65DD, because I figured if it was too small it could be a “sexy time” bra. However, even though I sized down, it was still too big.

The straps

The straps are wide set. Actually, too wide for me. I tried this bra on a few times (for mere seconds/less than 5 minutes), and everytime it felt uncomfortable. My shoulders aren’t particularly narrow, so that something to keep in mind if you are interested in this bra.

The cups

When I bought this bra, there were only 2 other people that had owned this bra, and they were both nice enough to measure their bras. Both of them listed the depth as being around 8.1 inches (20.57 cm), with a width of 4.9 inches (12.45 cm). Those 2 measurements work out for me, with the depth possibly being too small. Well, with the bra I received, the depth was 9 inches (22.86 cm), which is too deep for me.

The top of the cup is also open. It’s not like other unlined halfcups that have an elastic piece that goes across the top. There is space between my breast and the top of the cup. I think because the straps are set so far apart, the sides of the cup come up high on me, and irritate my skin.

The gore

The gore is too high and too wide for me. The gore is 3 inches (7.62 cm) high, and about .75 inches (1.91 cm) wide.  If this were a Comexim it would be okay, because the wires are soft, but this isn’t Comexim, it’s Ewa, so the Cleo like wires are painful for me.

The band


The band is TTS, and firm. Sizing up wasn’t necessary (thankfully since that wasn’t something that crossed my mind). The band does stretch to 30 inches (76.2 cm). The band has 4 rows of ‘eyes’ (I do find it interesting that some of my Ewa bras have 3 and some have 4)


I like the way this bra looks (just not on me), and while I would like to reorder it in a smaller cup size, with my luck the band would run small. I also don’t think I have the breasts for unlined halfcups. I haven’t come across one unlined halfcup that I love yet. They all seem to emphasize my natural shape instead of providing some sort of uplift.


Ewa Michalak M Opuncja 65DD

This bra is one of the bras I was originally offered by ‘Ewa’ to review, but since I didn’t know what it actually looked like (I was told “green & raspberry”), I went with the Jezynka. When this bra, and the M Chaberek were listed on Ewa’s site, I decided to get it (the fact that it was on sale didn’t hurt). Since I was pleased with the Jezynka I decided to get the same size. The Jezynka was my first Ewa bra in the M style, so I assumed they would all fit the same.

When I initially placed this order, I asked Kaska if this bra came in a base color that wasn’t beige. I felt the base being beige was meant to give the bra a lacy nude like appearance. So to get that same appearance, a brown base would look best on me. Káska informed me that the only color they had to use as the base color aside from beige was black, and that if I chose that option, it would be an extra 40zł. 40zł is only about $10, but since I was already buying 2 bras and paying the 6% fee, I didn’t want to add an extra $20. Plus I don’t think black as a base color would look nice, and it most certainly wouldn’t go with my skin.

The base color for the bra is beige, and the lace is a dark turquoise green with pink accent pieces.

The base color for the bra is beige, and the lace is a dark teal with pink accent pieces.

The teal lace goes throughout the band.

The teal lace goes throughout the band.

The inner portion of the cup has a pocket for cookies, with a small opening.

The inner portion of the cup has a pocket for cookies, with a small opening.

The gore doesn't overlap.

The gore doesn’t overlap.

The band

<long deep sigh> The band on this bra is ridiculously small. Ok,Minot ridiculous, but it only stretches to 25.5 inches (64.77 cm), which is 1 full inch smaller than my BTT measurement. I can actually wear it closed without an extender, but I just can’t inhale. I can wear this bra with 3 extra hook/eyes from 1 extender or, up to 5 with varying degrees of comfort. With 1 full extender the band still feels,a little tighter than what im comfortable with. With 1 full extender and 2 extra hooks it feels a little loose. 4 extra hooks feels okay. I do wonder if Ewa is starting to make the band size correspond with the cm- a 65 band only stretching to 65 cm.

The straps

With 5 extra hooks, the straps on both shoulders constantly fall off. This is something that never happens to me. It was very bothersome to me. (Now I know how people with narrow shoulders feel). With 4 extra hooks only the strap on my smaller side kept slipping off. The obvious solution to that is to adjust the straps, but I’m too lazy to do that once I have the bra on. Plus the straps don’t slip when I’m not doing anything (it was when I was at work working that the straps started slipping).

The cups

Width wise and depth wise the cups are in my ballpark, being 5 inches (12.7 cm) and 8.5 inches (21.59 cm) respectively. The cups are nice and low coverage, and there’s a decent amount of projection at the wire.

The appearance with a fitted shirt is kind of pointier than what I normal get from Effuniak bras. I would consider it a natural shape, and not particularly uplifted

This is how the cups look without wearing an extender. (No pads)

Looking at this picture the cups actually look too small.

The gore

The gore is unproblematic for most of the day. One of the times I wore this, I did feel the gore, but it wasn’t really digging in. It’s nice and low at 1.7 inches (4.32 cm). The gore does not overlap at all.

The Wires

The wires encompass my breasts perfectly.


So initially I was going to return this bra. What sense does it make to keep a bra that is obviously too small? But then I looked the bra over, and I saw some damage. There is a small cut in the beige mesh on the inner part of the gore, it looks like it was cute when they were cutting the fabric.

Everything I’ve read about Ewa (the company) tells me that if I were to return this bra, they may not accept it because they would think that maybe I damaged the bra. So with the damage I knew I couldn’t sell this bra without taking a loss, and I *probably* couldn’t return it.


As much as I want to say I lov this bra, I don’t. If the band as tts, I would love it. So, I’ll say I like it a lot. 🙂