Thinx high waisted panty review part 2

I am going to be doing an updated review on these panties. I’ve worn them twice since my first review of them.

March 29, 2017

When I got my period in March, it was breakthrough bleeding that lead to a period. It started March 7th, and ended March 31/April 1. From the 7th – the 28th it was spotting. The kind of thing I could get by, if I used a tissue or panty liner. The 28th, I remembered that I had these panties, for some reason I forgot. Anyway, I found them, and decided to wear them the next day. If I remember correctly, I probably started the sugar pills a few days before, so I was expecting my period the 29th (I always get it on wednesdays). My periods on birth control are generally light, so I didn’t think twice when I put the panties on and left for work. When I say light, I mean a light tampon may or may not be filled, 6 hours later when I pull it out. After the first time I used to the bathroom, I noticed that the gusset felt damp. I was able to get past it, but the next time I went to the bathroom, I still felt it, and it bothered me, I literally had this expression on my face: 

Dampness in my panties is something that drives me crazy. So I got a tissue and tried to remove as much blood as I could (blood that for whatever reason didn’t get absorbed), tried to put the panties back on, and I still felt the dampness. So I did what I didn’t want to do- I put a piece of tissue on top,of the gusset. (See facial expression above). I didn’t feel any dampness any longer, however, it was a thin layer for my blood to go through. And Everytime I went to the bathroom at work after that, I had to use toilet paper. Granted I didn’t go to the bathroom that much. I did not feel secure with these panties on. I mainly sit at work, and Everytime I got up, I had to check my seat to see if there was any blood. (There wasn’t any) But, by the time I got home, I noticed that there was some blood on the outer part of the panties. The blood has seeped through all of the layers. I didn’t think to bring a backup pair of panties because I knew I wouldn’t have filled 2 tampons.

I am posting links to the pics of the bloody panties, in case someone reading this doesn’t want to see the pics.

The inner part part of the gusset (his was taken when I got home)

The outer part, it’s hard to see the wetness, but it’s in the middle


June 30, 2017

So I decided to wear these panties again. Main reason being, I only had ‘regular’ tampons, and no panty liners. (I just came back from vacation, and didn’t go to the store, and on my day off, I forgot to get tampons– I forgot to get some today as well…) Anyway, so I wore these to work, not expecting anything. Certainly not thinking I’d need to update y’all about the panties. So I definitely didn’t bring extra panties, or panty liners (which I still didn’t have). I put the panties on around 7am. By 10:30am, I’m at work like:

I felt that wetness, that I’m sure everyone who has had a period before, has felt. It was wetness on the outer part of the gusset. I went to the bathroom, and there was blood on the top, some had soaked through, AND there was blood on my pants. I know this sounds crazy, but this day, wearing the thinx panties basically felt like I’d worn nothing but tissue between my legs, with regular panties. Luckily for me:

-I work at a place that at one point required black pants, they’ve allowed us to wear different colors, but I still wear black. (So no leaks were visible to anyone)

-We have a washing machine & dryer. I didn’t wash my panties there, although I could have. I did have a clean pair of pants fresh out the dryer to wear (but I do have a spare pair in my locker)

-There is a store a hop, skip & jump away

-I had a patient not show up.

So I was able to go to the store and buy some panties, and panty liners, and change with no issue.


In case you’re wondering, I was able to only use 2 panty liners from 11 to 4 when I got off work. So it wasn’t like my period was regular or even heavy. (In case you’re wondering, the day before I wore a regular tampon; I wore it for 8 hours, and when I pulled it out, it was still very white. A dry tampon isn’t very comfortable to pull out)

More pics; these were taken when I was able to change, not when I first went to the bathroom.

Inner gusset 

Outer gusset (I did wrap the panties in tissue to prevent more leakage)

Closeup of outer


Based on these last 2 experiences, I most likely won’t wear my thinx panties anymore. I don’t fee so secure, and I don’t think I should have to change in the middle of the day, especially since I had light periods. I shouldn’t have had bloody pants 3 hours after putting the panties on.

Earlier in the morning I was thinking to myself that I needed to buy more, but if I only wore the panties 3 times, and they’re already leaky, I’m not taking that chance. Especially since they weren’t cheap. It would have really sucked if I had on white pants.

Ewa Michalak Różowa Mgiełka 70DD + matching brief size 36

I bought this bra on a whim. I bought it along with the Amorek, because I’d wanted to try Ewa’s unlined bras. I’d already owned the 3DM Burek, but I bought it used. I wanted to try a 3DM that wasn’t used. I also had two BMs, but the 3DM is meant for smaller breasts (lower gore, shorter cups), so I needed more. Although I’m not interested in the Kankan, it is a bra I’ve debated about buying, just because it’s a 3DM. I will say I’m not in love with this bra, or the Amorek because of the cups material. This is why I haven’t asked for most of the SM bras (Rozmarzona, Ja wiem etc) to be made as a 3DM. The Ja Wiem looks like it’s exactly the same material is this bra. Let’s check out how this bra fits:


The cups on this bra are nice and low. I was able to wear it underneath one of my low cut v neck shirts that I got from working at true religion (their v necks are ridiculously low), without the bra showing. When I got the bra, around Christmas Eve the cups were okay. Now they’re a little too small.

This picture has the most accurate color of the bra.

The diagonal ribbon cuts in a bit, but it’s masked by the upper ribbon piece. As much as I love the appearance of this bra, I don’t think the material choice was the best. When I first ordered this bra, I was sent a bra that was too shallow. It was not a good fit on me.

The left cup (my smaller side) seemed the worst.

The first bra was probably cut best for even/shallow shapes. I think that bra was cut the same way it would have been cut if it was a stretchy material. I sent Ewa pictures and she remade the bra for me.  The material on the cups is an unstretchy mesh, but it’s not delicate feeling.


When I initially tried this bra on, I didn’t have an issues with the gore, but that’s to be expected. The gore height is 1.75 inches high, and a little over half an inch wide (.6 inches), so in theory I shouldn’t have had an issue. .6 is really narrow. Most of the morning I was fine, but around lunch time I started feeling the gore. It wasn’t painful, but I could feel it. By 5pm I was DYING. I was at my parents house, so I took my bra off. Unfortunately I didn’t get any bras in the mail, so I was walking around braless.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I RARELY have straps issues. I don’t have a strap issue with this bra per-se, but I can definitely say the straps are wide-set. Definitely not a bra for women with narrow shoulders. I didn’t feel the straps when I was at work, but you can definitely see that they’re directly on top of my clavicle. Because of the detailing on the straps they’re partially adjustable. The lacing on the front of the straps is the same as the lace at the top of the cups


The band stretches to 28 inches. 28 inches is small for a 70 band, but I’m starting to think Ewa’s 70 band (at least in the bras meant for smaller busts) will measure around 28 inches. The wings are nice and wide, measuring at 3.75 inches high. The band is a different material from the cups. It’s a stretchy polyester, that would have been really nice on the cups. The wings and the band are double lined.



I absolutely love the appearance of these panties. However, I don’t love the fit. Right off the bat, I want to say when I was wearing them with jeans on I had no issues, and I really didn’t feel anything.  But when I wasn’t wearing bottoms I felt a lot. Due to the material in the lower portion of the back, it felt like the panties were too small, so this may work better for someone with a smaller butt. But the front felt like there was too much fabric. The gusset was wide. I don’t really have gusset issues with panties, but this pair and the Amorek panties I do (they’re cut the same). The wideness occurs with the gusset and the front of the panties. The front of the panties is cut wide, so the elastic is in the crease of my groin (is there a technical term for that?). When I had no pants on, I could feel the elastic everytime I took a step.














Verdict: I would not wear this during one of my long work shifts

Lepel Roxy longline bra size 30E + brief size 8


I came across this bra one day when Abracabra posted herself in it on Instagram. Up until this point, I’d never really looked at Lepel as a brand. It just wasn’t on my radar. When I saw it, I wanted it- it’s a longline, and its floral, what’s not to like?


I searched online for reviews, but couldn’t find any. This bras wasn’t even listed on bratabase! So naturally I had no idea how it fit. I asked Abracabra what the depth was on her bra (32DD), and she said 21,5cm (8.5 inches), with the width being 13cm (5.1 inches), which works for me. The bra looked like it would work for me, so I ordered the 30E.


The cups on this bra appear to be ‘cut and sew’ with seams, but in actuality the inner part of the bra is molded/contoured, and the outer part (the floral fabric) is seamed. I didn’t know that before I bought it, but it probably wouldn’t have made a difference. There does seem to be enough depth at the wire.



This is considered a longline, and I guess it is, in theory. The back and sides are longer than a regular bra, as is the gore, but underneath there’s a little fabric, and some lace. The wing is 4.5 inches high, and there’s 4 rows of hooks. The band only stretches to about 28 inches, and that’s doing a hard stretch.

The lace flipped up

The lace flips up at the slightest movement! The time it took for me to go from my living room to my balcony (~10 steps), the lace had flipped over (as you can see in some of the pics). There is boning on the side of the cups, I guess to keep the rest of the band from flipping up? The very bottom of the boning presses into my skin- so this is not a bra I would wear on one of my longer days at work.


I would consider the straps to be wideset. As I’m sitting down on the couch, everything feels fine, but when I move my arms forward, the front of my shoulders/armpits get rubbed a bit- another thing that would prevent me from wearing this bra to work.

Right above the bow, to where the cup starts is where I have irritation, when my arms are in this position



The gore is high, and sitting on tissue, but luckily it’s not painful. There is a bubble of space in the fabric at the middle of the gore.


The wires encompass my breasts completely.


The panties

Okay, obviously I didn’t pay attention when I bought these, because I thought they were regular low cut briefs, but they’re actually ‘hipster shorts’. I don’t really like underwear that are cut like mini shorts, I like more of a Brazilian brief, where there’s less coverage. The elastic on the leg openings feels a little tight. The side panels on the panties are the same sheer black fabric that’s on the sides of the bra. There is a small piece of elastic at the bottom of the shorts in the middle. If it looks like I have a wedgie in the pic on the far right, that’s what you’re saying seeing.



Have you you heard of this bra before?

Thinx High Waisted Panty XS review

High waisted style

Thinx panties come in 6 different styles, Some are for light days, some for medium, and some for heavy days. The high waisted style is for medium days  and it holds up to 1 1/2 tampons worth.


I bought this particular style because I loved the lace on the side. It didn’t dawn on me until right after I hit the order button that a high waisted style is not what I want to wear during my period. I get bloated, so I dislike anything near my stomach– the lower the better.



I do want to mention that while wearing these panties, I was between a spotting and a light day. I am on the extended cycle birth control, so I {should} generally only get my period every 3 months. The last time I had my period, was somewhere between Jan & Feb, possibly in March (for whatever reason I didn’t mark down in the app I have on my phone when I got my period last). Anyway, I was supposed to get it early June, but it never came. I was not good at taking the pill at the same time everyday (I accidentally forgot 2 pills in a row, and one 2 days pervious). So I had what they call breakthrough bleeding. Imo, breakthrough bleeding is different from a regular period, because it’s always darker (rarely a bright red), and also very hard to get out of panties. The other I times I’ve had breakthrough bleeding, it’s lasted for 1 month. The breakthrough bleeding tends to be light. Some days it’s too light to wear a light tampon (which is very thin), some days it’s even too light to wear certain panty liners. Some days either is fine.

So this review is going to be for the one day I wore these panties, which was the second ( and also the heaviest) day. The heaviest day, still being only about 1 slim fit tampon.


The fit

I chose XS, because that is the size I normally wear. Also since they’re high waisted, a small would probably be too big in the waist. The waist on these is perfect. They are high, which visually isn’t good for me, since I short. They come up to my belly button. Even though they were high, and I was bloated, the waist didn’t bother me, it wasn’t too tight. The waist was very comfortable.


However, the leg openings were tight. For my size, I don’t think I have thin thighs. My thighs touch. If it helps, my thighs are 21.25 inches (54.5cm) across the top. The actual leg opening for the panties is a hair smaller than 21.5 inches.


The leg opening was right enough to be uncomfortable after a few hours. There was a mark on my leg after I took them off. However, it wasn’t uncomfortable enough that I wanted to take them off as soon as I got home.



The material

The panties are very soft, the lace isn’t scratchy at all (like how the lace on some bras can be). The outer piece of the solid black fabric almost feels like swimwear. The inner portion of the fabric feels like it’s at least 3 layers thick. The material itself isn’t thick (you won’t feel like you’re wearing a pad), it’s just more than the basic 2 layers most panties have. The gusset goes very high in both the front and back (higher than regular panties), so these would be good for sleeping in. The gusset is wider than normal gussets, but not uncomfortable. The non gusset, non lace portion of the panties is lined. 


Wearing them

I will say I was hesitant to wear them at first. I love the idea of not having to wear a tampon or panty liner, but there comes an uncertainty when trying a menstrual item out for the first time, especially when you’re at work. (In order for me to do my job, I have to sit in front of people with my legs open, so I can’t have any surprises.  But everything went smooth. There were times at work when I felt fluids coming out of me (a normal thing when I’m wearing a pad/panty liner-because gravity). And at one point, I needed to go to the bathroom. When I went to the bathroom, there was some “period” visible on the panties. When I get breakthrough bleeding it is oftentimes full of clots, which isn’t something that it going to seep into the fabric. So that is what I saw on the panties. And since the clots were on top of the panties, it is something I was going to feel if I put the panties back on normally. So I wiped it down, and put a small piece of tissue there (I didn’t want to feel any wetness). At the end of the day, when I got ready to take a shower, I mixed that there was some sweat in the panties (when I walk into my apartment it’s always hot- I don’t keep my AC on when I’m at work). However, I did not feel the moisture from the sweat (or the period for that matter). So these would be good for working out in. I was amazed, because I could see the sweat, but not feel it.

Also, I feel it’s worth mentioning that there wasn’t a smell. I notice when I wear pads or panty liners, there’s always a smell. I think I read the smell comes from the iron in your blood mixing with the oxygen in the air? The smell from pads/panty liners is something I’ve noticed even after showering & wearing one.


I hand washed these, as I wanted to wear them the next day, but the next day they were still too wet to wear. I hand washed them in my bathroom sink. I felt as though I didn’t clean them enough, because the water didn’t turn red  or pink. 😳 I let water run on the gusset for about 5 minutes after washing them, and the water was still clear. I rang them out, and put them on a towel in my hot ass apartment and hoped they would be dry by the morning. After they dried I noticed the  gusset doesn’t really seem soft. But I may just need to put them in the washing machine.


In the future, I do want to try all the styles, so that I can compare them. I do love them in place of other feminine hygiene products,  and urge everyone to try them.

Naja Monarchy Jane bikini XS

Panty #2 that I ordered from Naja.

This pair is the Jane bikini in the Monarchy collection.

The way it looks on the models

How it looks in person:

(Both front and back are sheer)

The gusset has a hygienic liner (which says something about not being able to return if the liner isn’t present)

Inspirational quote in gusset “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today”

I chose size XS.

The leg opening is tight. Seconds of putting these on, they felt too tight on my upper thighs/groin.

Lowering them made it feel somewhat looser, but then my butt crack wasn’t completely covered.


I wore them the way they’re supposed to be worn, under jeans, and I didn’t notice any irritation. However when I took them off there was some painful indentations in my skin where the seams were.

These are really cute, and if I could, I’d reorder these in a bigger size. There is no small listed on the site anymore, and the medium is sold out.

Naja Martina Monarchy lo-rise panty size XS

I was told about this brand from PetiteColligiate. She let me know that she came across some houndstooth panties from a company called

A little info about Naja, it’s a company run by women, and all of their products are ethically made. (I’d love to give more info, but that’s all I really know)

The pair I’m going to be reviewing is the Martina brief (which, as of now is sold out):

This is how it looks on the model

This is a part of the Monarchy collection, which features houndstooth & a colorful butterfly print

The upper trim is houndstooth, and the front portion is the butterfly print. The sides and the back are a black lace

The white that you see in the gusset is the hygienic liner. (When was the last time you bought panties with a hygienic liner?)

Upon taking off the hygienic liner, I noticed there was writing in the gusset. Well, I actually thought that some of the liner was stuck.

It says, “who’s going to stop you?”


On to the fit pics:

That tag…

I absolutely love these panties. They’re so comfortable and very sexy feeling. I wore these under my scrubs at work, and I didn’t notice any riding up. The lace is stretchy, but not overly stretchy. I hate full coverage panties, and as I’ve been getting older, I haven’t really been into thongs, so these are a nice medium. Not too much and not too little. There’s more coverage in the front than I care for, but there wasn’t any rubbing.

I would consider these to run tts to slightly big. They’re a little bigger than VS XS panties.

Panties! Cleo Meg, Cleo Kali & Freya Patsy

Large Cup Lingerie was having a 48 hour flash sale a few weeks ago and I decided to buy some matching panties for some of the bras I have. I got:

Cleo Minnie thong

Cleo Kali brief

Freya Patsy short

Cleo Minnie thong– I have no complaints about these. I think they’re so cute!

Cleo Kali brief– I don’t like these. They have too much coverage in the back for me. The front part of the leg opening seems like it would rub against my skin when worn. The front is very sheer. **I don’t have the matching bra**

Freya Patsy short– I initially wanted to buy the thong, but it was either not available in the size I needed or it wasn’t as cheap as the brief. I can’t remember which, but I still wish I ordered it instead.

I don’t like the way the hem is at the leg opening. I initially thought there was room because they’re slightly too big.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am still wearing my regular panties. I’m not completely sold on the Patsy, or the Kali. They both seem to have more coverage than what I would prefer. I honestly prefer coverage like this

When I initially purchased these panties, I wasn’t even sure if any of them would fit, because they were 3 different sizes (according to the website). The Freyas were size XS, the Kali was size 6, and the Minnie was size 8!

i think I paid about $16 USD, for the three pair, so that wasn’t too bad. The quality of the panties is very nice. The material is nice and sturdy, much like the bras.

If you’re interested in the panties, you can find them here:

Cleo Minnie

Freya patsy

The Kali is no longer available.