Comparing Comexim 3HC-altered, unaltered, and lightly altered

This is going to be a long comparison consisting of 5 bras. I intally wanted to do 2 or 3 bras, but with some of the altered bras, I’m not 100% sure what alterations were done. I will have pictures and measurements, so this will be a long post. There will be pictures of how I measured the bras, for your information.


Rita 70F- Unaltered aside from the fact it is a 3HC

Annika 65G- reduced gore (possibly reduced cup)

Snake 65G- reduced gore* (possibly reduced cup and straps moved in)

Veronique 65G- reduced gore, reduced cup and straps moved in

Basic 70F- reduced gore, reduced cup and straps moved in


For all intents and purposes the Veronique and the Basic are to be considered completely altered, and the Annika and the Snake are considered somewhat altered. I can’t say with 100% certainty that any alterations aside from rom the reduced gore were done on the Annika and the Snake, or if they were altered by 1 cm instead of 2. Anyone that has ordered from Comexim knows that they don’t really confirm whether or not they will do or have done an alteration. So hopefully this will help someone.

All of the pictures will follow this order- Rita and Annika together, and Snake Veronique and Basic together, with the basic being the last bra.

Fit wise the Rita is the cup that is the most open on me, and it actually has a bit of room at the top. The basic is the cup that is the smallest on me with The Veronique closely following. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but to be completely honest, I’d want all of my bras to be as low as the basic. I know that it looks too small, (well it is too small), but that’s the height that I would like for bras. Seeing as how I have tall roots, I have no issue with taller cups.

*I know all the bra except for the Rita lol too small in the cups, but my breasts settle after a while.


Top of the cup:

The actual measurements may be slightly off from the picture, but it was kind of hard to get the tape to curve the way the bra does.

Rita 6.5 inches

Annika 6.25 inches

Snake 6 inches

Veronique 5.75 inches

Basic 5.875 inches

Thoughts: The Rita is a little too open on top for me. The basic doesn’t have the smallest measurement, which is why there isn’t a lot of quadding. I do want to mention that the Annika is supposed to have a copper ribbon at the top, I requested that my bra not have that ribbon because I don’t really like the color.



Rita 5 inches

Annika 5 inches

Snake 5 inches

Veronique 5.25 inches

Basic 5 inches

Thoughts: I’m not sure why, but I’m surprised to see that the width is pretty much the same for all the bras. Theoretically since they’re either the same size or sister size, it should be the same. But it goes to show that just because a cup is altered, the width still stays the same.



Rita 8 inches

Annika 7.75 inches

Snake 7.5 inches

Veronique 8 inches

Basic 8 inches

Thoughts: its interesting to see that the depth on the Snake is the smallest, and that the Veronique, Rita and basic all have the same depth. I would have expected the depth of the basic to be less than the other bras, since it seems a lot smaller while on.


Cup height:

Rita 6.25 inches

Annika 5 inches

Snake 5 inches

Veronique 5 inches

Basic 5 inches

Thoughts: this was measured near the outer seam of the 3HC. All of the bras except the Rita have the same measurement. The Rita is 1.125 inches taller than the rest, so this can account for why the Rita seems a little too big



Rita 2.75 inches

Annika 2.25 inches

Snake 2.75 inches

Veronique 2.25 inches

Basic 2.125 inches

Thoughts: the gore on both the Rita and Snake bras can be considered  unaltered. I definitely asked for a reduced gore on the snake bra, so it wasn’t done. 2.75 inches is the height of the gore on my unaltered 65Gs/70Fs.


Strap to wire:

The actual measurements may be slightly off from the picture, but it was kind of hard to get the tape to curve the way the bra does.

Rita 2 inches

Annika 2 inches

Snake 2.125 inches

Veronique 2.5 inches

Basic 2.375 inches

Thoughts: I’m guessing this is what matters most to the people that need the straps moved in, because as you can see, the area is larger on the very altered bras and smaller on the unaltered. I don’t have narrow or sloping shoulders, so moving the straps in, isn’t a necessary alteration for me.


Seam to seam (top):

Rita 1.5 inches

Annika 2 inches

Snake 1.75 inches

Veronique 1.75 inches

Basic 1.75 inches

Thoughts: I’m not sure if this measurement will help anyone with anything, but it is interesting to me that the Rita has the smallest measurement, and the Annika has the largest.


Seam to seam (bottom):

Rita 1.125 inches

Annika 1.125 inches

Snake 1.25 inches

Veronique 1.125-1.25 inches

Basic 1.125 inches

Thoughts: I’m not sure if this measurement will help anyone with anything, but it is interesting to see that the measurements are almost the same.


Actual comparisons of the bras:

Top: cup height difference +gore height LL: side of cup LR: difference in strap

Top: strap placement Bottom: cup height

Top: cup height Bottom: strap placement/side of cups

UL: cup height UR: side of cups Bottom: strap placement, cup height

Top: gore height, cup height Bottom: strap placement, cup height

Top: cup height difference Bottom: side of cup, strap placement

UL: cup height differences UR: Side of cup Bottom: The gore- Veronique is 1/2 inch lower

Top: cup height LL: gore LR: strap placement, side of cups

Top: side of cups Middle: cup height Bottom: side of cups


So hopefully this post has helped someone when they’re deciding whether to try an unaltered or altered Comexim 3 piece halfcup. If you get nothing out of this post, just know that Comexim will reduce the cup on a 3HC (and that reduction does not come from the middle of the cup.


🌟What are your thoughts?🌟

Cleo Lucy black & white 30dd comparison

I’ve read many times on bratabase that the Cleo Lucy bra in black, as well as a lot of other bras in black, run smaller. I bought the Lucy in both black and white in size 30dd. The white didn’t fit, but the black did. Click on the picture for the reviews.


This post is going to be mostly pictures.

First things first, the tags are completely different. The font styles are different. The black tag has ‘Cleo’ in all capitals, but the white tag has it in all lower case letters.

The way the sizes are labeled on the tags is different as well. The white tag also has the washing instructions with the sizes, but the black one doesn’t.



You can see that the double lined portion of the cup on the white bra comes up higher than it does on the black part.

The gore:

When the bottom is lined up:

With the top lined up:

Where the cup meets the strap:

When the bands are lined up.

The bands:

With the bottom of the band lined up

The top of the bands lined up.

The part of the band with the ‘eye’ is longer on the white.

The part if the band with the hook is slightly longer on the black.

Overall the white Lucy was just bigger. I wonder if the bras were made at different factories, or if they’re from different seasons.

I didn’t take any measurements for the differences, although I should have. But it’s too late now, because the white bra has been returned.

the measurements from Bratabase

White Lucy bra

Black Lucy bra