Naja Monarchy Jane bikini XS

Panty #2 that I ordered from Naja.

This pair is the Jane bikini in the Monarchy collection.

The way it looks on the models

How it looks in person:

(Both front and back are sheer)

The gusset has a hygienic liner (which says something about not being able to return if the liner isn’t present)

Inspirational quote in gusset “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today”

I chose size XS.

The leg opening is tight. Seconds of putting these on, they felt too tight on my upper thighs/groin.

Lowering them made it feel somewhat looser, but then my butt crack wasn’t completely covered.


I wore them the way they’re supposed to be worn, under jeans, and I didn’t notice any irritation. However when I took them off there was some painful indentations in my skin where the seams were.

These are really cute, and if I could, I’d reorder these in a bigger size. There is no small listed on the site anymore, and the medium is sold out.

Naja Martina Monarchy lo-rise panty size XS

I was told about this brand from PetiteColligiate. She let me know that she came across some houndstooth panties from a company called

A little info about Naja, it’s a company run by women, and all of their products are ethically made. (I’d love to give more info, but that’s all I really know)

The pair I’m going to be reviewing is the Martina brief (which, as of now is sold out):

This is how it looks on the model

This is a part of the Monarchy collection, which features houndstooth & a colorful butterfly print

The upper trim is houndstooth, and the front portion is the butterfly print. The sides and the back are a black lace

The white that you see in the gusset is the hygienic liner. (When was the last time you bought panties with a hygienic liner?)

Upon taking off the hygienic liner, I noticed there was writing in the gusset. Well, I actually thought that some of the liner was stuck.

It says, “who’s going to stop you?”


On to the fit pics:

That tag…

I absolutely love these panties. They’re so comfortable and very sexy feeling. I wore these under my scrubs at work, and I didn’t notice any riding up. The lace is stretchy, but not overly stretchy. I hate full coverage panties, and as I’ve been getting older, I haven’t really been into thongs, so these are a nice medium. Not too much and not too little. There’s more coverage in the front than I care for, but there wasn’t any rubbing.

I would consider these to run tts to slightly big. They’re a little bigger than VS XS panties.