Backseam ‘Peach’ set Part 2

You can find the original set here.

So after the first set didn’t work out, I emailed Alena letting her know the top was too big, and that the bottoms were a little too big in the upper back area.

She emailed me back, with this picture and asked for measurements for 1, 2, 4, and 6. I emailed her back giving her those measurements, as well as the cup depth and width of my yellow Cleo Marcie (since it was my best fitting bra at the time). The bra and panty were sent out at no charge, since the original set didn’t fit.

When I received this set, I could see that it was different. I’ll get into that below.


The cups were definitely smaller. The cups were perfect. (But today when my breasts are apparently more FOT than normal, I’m getting some cutting in, not quite quadding.) The depth of the cups is ~7.75 inches. There is good depth at the wire. The sides of the cup come up high.

The wires are very soft and seem to stretch the cups when worn. So the width of the cup (5 inches) measures okay, but widens when stretched. There is some creaking when I press down on the wires.


The straps are a little thinner (.375 inches- .95 cm), and are attached with an O ring. The straps are wideset, but I think because they’re so thin, they don’t bother me. I haven’t actually worn this bra, but just from having it on right now, there’s no irritation whatsoever.


The closure on the band is darker than the bra (the original set had a closure that was an even match the the bra). The band is firm. The band stretches to 26.5 inches. The boning on the side of the band is a little pokey at the bottom.

This set came with the same bottom as the first set, and and extra bikini bottom.

High waist bottoms

These are definitely cut smaller than the original pair. They’re not too tight that they’re uncomfortable, however when I first put the, on I did hear the sound of thread popping. I only needed the back part to be taken in, but I don’t think I communicated that correctly to Alena. I love how the lower half looks on this piece. I think I’m too short &I don’t have enough definition in my waist to make high waisted anything to work. The top of these hit right where my waist goes in, but I don’t think they look right on me, because it’s right where my ribs are. If I were taller this would probably look better.


Low rise briefs

The briefs are really small. They cut in at the leg opening, and on my butt. I pulled the panties up for the pics, but they don’t really come that high, the top is barely above my butt crack. 😂 I won’t be wearing these because they aren’t comfortable.


I would defintely recommend buying from Alena if you’re looking to try a custom set from an indie company. It’s not cheap, but the materials make it worth the money, as does the labor, and the fact that she will try to make a set that works for you.