About Renzilla

My real name is not Renzilla. Renzilla is a name that was given to me by my brother. He bought me a computer and when he set it up instead of putting my name he put ‘Renzilla’.

I am in my very early 30s.

I am verbose

and I am a shopaholic. I love shopping. I’m one of those people that see something to hey want and feel they NEED it. I am a former jeanaholic, and maxi dressholic. I have an insane amount if jeans in my closet. I have a lot of maxi dresses. Actually, I have a bunch of clothing that is still brand new with tags. I probably get around to wearing it, and eventually, at some point I will put them on eBay or poshmark.

I like shopping, so naturally once I got into this bra business (finding my correctsize), I started buying a lot. Most of which don’t fit correctly.

I decided to blog one day at 7am, and here I am. 😁

I do work and occasionally have a life, but I’ll try to update as much as possible.

Update: Although I’m sure no one wants to contact me, I have a contact email address for this blog: musings.of.renzilla@gmail.com


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