Foxers Tomboy Boxers + Lace Camisole Size S

I chose to go with small for both the top and the bottoms. I pretty much assumed what my size was, as I hadn’t looked at the size chart. I just know that for me, lately XS bottoms have been too small, and I’ve never really worn XS bralettes.

I went with the tomboy boxers because of the look of them. I wanted something I could wear to sleep that wasn’t too sexy, but wasn’t boring. I also wanted something I could walk around in, in my apartment. These are definitely different. I’d never seen anything like these, which was part of the appeal for me.


The lace cami

The cami is a very soft and stretchy lace. For those with sensitive skin, it should not be irritating at all. The band is a little loose on me, so when I initially got it, I was thinking I should have went with an XS, but in this I do get a little bit of side boob.

But since this is a lace cami, and not a bra, the side boob isn’t important. Since the band is loose, it does ride up in the front a bit. I may take in the band to make it a little tighter.

The straps on the cami are fully adjustable, and are the same fabric as the waistband on the lace boxers, the boxer briefs and the boyshorts (for this particular color). The straps are not stretchy, and they’re also somewhat long.


The Tomboy boxers


The boxers do feature a sort of ‘gusset’, it is more horizontal, than vertical like regular panties. The interesting thing about these shorts is that they only have 2 seams, and there’re between the legs. There are no side seams, nor a seam going down the front or the back.

There is a large pocket on both sides that can fit an array of stuff, including an iPhone. There are 2 buttons that are fully functional. Along the inner waistband, there’s the foxers logo.

The shorts can be worn with the band rolled over, or regular. I personally am the type to wear all bottoms at my waist, and not my hip bone, so I didn’t roll the waist.

I do think that because they’re no seam down the middle, or sides, there ends up being a little extra fabric in the crotch area. However, I don’t feel the extra space when I’m walking, but it’s something that I see, so I’m pointing it out.


I decided to wear these boxers under a pair of my jeans (which were tight), because I figured someone that’s debating on getting these may want to know how it feels. So I could definitely feel that I was wearing them, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, and they didn’t bunch up. Also, they weren’t visible through the material, although I do think if you decided to wear these under leggings or non denim pants, they would be visible in the front, as well as the side. Towards the end of the night, I started getting lazy, and not fixing the shirts after I went to the bathroom, so the bottoms were visible. I kind of pulled them up with my jeans.


I did wear this set to sleep, and I can say it was very comfortable. I don’t find myself having to adjust anything during the night. Speaks of comfort, I do want to mention that I never once got a wedgie in these shorts. So that’s definitely an A+ in my book. I will definitely be ordering from Foxers in the future. I have a sale set on the way, which I should be reviewing soon.


I received this set in exchange for a review

One thought on “Foxers Tomboy Boxers + Lace Camisole Size S

  1. That lace cami looks way better than I would’ve expected from a product sized XS, S, M, L! I keep hearing about Foxers. Did I miss a link to the cami?


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