Comexim Mascotte size 65G

I’d never heard of this bra until I saw it for sale. It was cheap, and my size, so I bought it. I did end up selling it because I didn’t “love” it, but it was a cute bra.


When I bought this it was preowned (hence the price), and I believe that contributes to the wrinkled cup appearance. The wrinkled didn’t bother me, as I don’t think they would have been noticeable when worn. The width of the cup is 5 inches and the depth 8 inches, so this bra was slightly too small. On my bigger side I did have some in cup quadding. The cup height is 6 inches, which is okay for me, but I think some would consider that high (the cup height hasn’t been altered imo)


The band stretches to 28 inches, this is 1/2 and inch smaller than my snug, but the band does seem to be riding up in some pics. The wings measure 4 inches high, this is a nice because it doesn’t cause any rolls.


The straps are black, plain and very stretchy. I don’t think they were moved in, but they don’t bother me.


The gore is 2.5 inches high, this may or may not be lowered. The width of the gore is .6 inches, and the wire channels were overlapping.




Have you you heard of this bra?

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