Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day bralette set size Small

I saw this set right before last Valentines Day when I was in a mall I rarely go to with my sisters. I was interested in it, but saw that on that particular day they only had size M and size L. And when I asked a sales associate, she said they only had what was on the sales floor.

I was okay with not buying it because I was single at the time, and also the price. The original price for this set was $45. I didn’t like the way the material felt (for the price), the only way I can describe it as it felt like the top part of thick stockings. It’s very stretchy and cheap feeling. However, the material isn’t scratchy.

I didn’t buy the set when VS had it on sale for $25 (with a code). I ended up buying it in June when it was $10 during the semi annual sale. And at the time I wasn’t sure which size to get, because when I’d first saw the medium in the store, I thought it looked small. I went with the small, although I debating on getting both the small and the medium.

The small fit.

I held off on wearing this because I’m not really a bralette person. (I really only wore it to review it)


This set was actually very comfortable. It wasn’t expensive feeling. It kind of reminded me of these cheap mini shorts that I wear underneath short dresses. (I got the shorts from a store called Pay half, which is similar to/sells the same stuff as Rainbow)


So the top has very thin adjustable straps (which I love). The unstretched ‘waist’ measures 11.5 inches, and the unstretched bust measures 12.5 inches. When I wore the top, I noticed that the band seemed to be riding up a bit, so I loosened the straps. Loosening the straps didn’t really help, because the band still had the appearance of riding up. What ended up happening was the weight of my breasts was pushing the front down (never thought I’d mention the weight of my breasts, lol). So when I woke up the top was barely covering my nipples, and there was some fabric beneath my breasts. This shouldn’t have been bothersome, but it was (mentally).



The bottoms were really cute. I noticed that when I wasn’t wearing any pants the bottoms tended to ride up, but when I was wearing pants they felt like they stayed in place.


This was was a really cute set, and I’m surprised VS didn’t come out with one for this Valentines Day.


*the main picture is not mine, I found it online

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