Freya Flourish longline 28F


I bought this after buying the parade longline, and the hopscotch longline. The hopscotch longline fits okay, but the band is too big, so when I saw this pop up on bratabase in a sister size to the hopscotch (30E), I jumped on it.

This isn’t a bra that I can say I was really interested in. I more or less wanted to try it for the size. Plus I like longlines.


I only ended up wearing this bra for around 3 hours, because the bottom of the band felt very tight on my skin. It was very uncomfortable. Luckily for me, I just so happened to be at home, so I could change before going out. To comfortably wear this, I’d need an extender. The front of the band also flips up easily.


Currently I am slightly quadding, but it may be from the bottom of the bra being too shallow at the wire. There’s almost a fingers worth of space there. The cups are also too wide. Much like the Freya fancies longline, this may be an issue of pliable wires, because the width of the cup is 5 inches (normally perfect for me). The cups run small, the depth of the cup is 8.5 inches, which is the depth of 28E/30DD.



The straps are so wideset. 😣 I rarely have the issue with straps being too wideset, but it was noticeable on this bra. It wasn’t unwearable, but it wasn’t 100% comfortable either.


The gore was too wide. It was sitting on breast tissue.

Do you own this bra or any other Freya Longline? What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Freya Flourish longline 28F

  1. Great review! I’m pleased to read it because I have often considered getting this longline. I saw it at Nordstrom Rack as soon as I first discovered my more accurate bra size, and felt like I lost out by not trying it back then. Freya half cups were always a go to for me, but now they run too wide and shallow for my shape. I am also nearing a 28F in some styles and having to relearn what works and doesn’t. I expected the Flourish to fit more like a Patsy than the Fancies due to the cut, but I do believe even their 3-part longlines are known to run shallower. Basically every Freya HC besides Patsy has been a fail on me…


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