Freya Parade Longline 30D

This will be a short review, because I didn’t keep the bra, because it was obviously the wrong size.



As much as I want to say I bought this early in my fitting journey, I didn’t. According to bratabase, I added this bra back in January of this year (2016), so it was at least 6 months into my journey-enough to know 30D wasn’t going to work. I think part of the reason I bought this was because I’d tried on the Freya instinct half cup in size 28E, and it was too open for me (at the time. I think if I had it now, it would fit).


The cups were ridiculously small on me. There was plenty of side boob, and quad boob. The width of the cup was 4.5 inches, and the depth was 7.4 inches, so, half an inch too narrow, and about 1 inch too shallow. I believe at this time cup height was not a measurement on bratabase, but it would have been too short for me as well. My nipples were right at the top, but swooped back in.


The gore doesn’t tack, and is nowhere near tacking. At 1 inch wide, the gore would have been too wide for my close set breasts, so f it did tack, it would be sitting on breast tissue.


I don’t have any pictures of the back of the bra, but I put that the band rode up. The band stretched to 31 inches, so it was about 2.5 inches (currently), – 3 inches (back then) too big.



This bra is is very cute (just not on me), so I am definitely thinking about getting it in the correct size.


Have you tried on this bra? What did you think?


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