Freya Fancies longline 28E chilli

I decided I wanted this bra after I saw a few reviews of it. Granted, neither review put this bra in the bet light, but it’s red, and its a longline. So I “needed” it. My review will be similar to theirs, but from the prospective of someone that’s FOT (full on top)/has tall roots. The other reviews were also on this red color. I think the black is cute too, but for some reason, the white version doesn’t do anything for me.

Often times when I’m bored, I’ll search for bras, just to look. And when I become fixated on a bra, I’ll google it often, which is what I did with this bra. It seems to be $60 on just about every website, so when I saw it on amazon for $35, I jumped on it. The other reviews I read mentioned going down a cup size, but on amazon the 28DD was $60, and the 28E was $35, so I went with the 28E. The very next day after I ordered the bra, it was $36 on Bare Necessities. I did debate about whether or not to order the 28DD. I knew if I ordered it, one of them would have to get returned, and I try to cut down on the returns I need to do, so I stuck with the 28E from amazon, and prayed that it fit.

I had to iron the cups to get the creasing out, and it didn’t come out completely.

The bra came in 2 days, and much to my dismay, the bra was folded in half, and since it was packaged in a thin envelope, the cups were crushed.


Since I use my brother’s amazon prime account, I had him email Amazon to see what could be done. They originally offered a 20% refund, or a replacement. I opted for a replacement, but when my brother tried to follow the steps to get a replacement, there was only an option for a refund. I didn’t want a refund, so I decided to call about it. When I called, the woman was only able to offer me a refund since the only other available bra in that size was from the UK, and $60. I had to ask if there was some sort of partial refund I could get, since I really wanted the bra, and I was offered $10. With the $10 refund, it brought the price down to $25, so that was good enough for me, since I haven’t seen it for that cheap anywhere.

Was originally going to review this with the wires replaced, but they were too hard, so this is a review of the bra as I received it.

From the front, the bra looks really nice. From an angle the bra still looks nice. But from the side this bra doesn’t look good.


The cups are very lightly lined. They’re not thin enough to be unlined, but they’re not thick enough that I’d call it padded. (If it was unlined, it being folded the way it was from Amazon wouldn’t have been an issue). Although the cup has 4 parts, it doesn’t give a good shape. I think the shape would be considered “upside down seven”. There is no uplift with this bra. I *think* there may be good projection at the wire with this bra, but because the wires are so wide, and the cups were creased, there’s some folding of the cups.

In some of the other reviews it was recommended(?) to size down, but I’m glad I didn’t. My tall roots/FOT-ness definitely wouldn’t work in a size down. A size down would be too small overall actually. I don’t get any quadding, nor is there any cutting in. So IF you want to try this bra, and you’re FOT and/or have tall roots, stay your size, don’t size down. If you are FOB/have short roots, then you can probably size down.


The wires on this bra are extremely soft and pliable. Initially I thought they were plastic, but when I took them out of the casing I saw that they were metal, but very thin. Because the wires are so thin an pliable,  when you’re wearing the bra the wires distort, which is something mentioned in the other reviews (they said once putting the bra on the cups were wide, even though the measure narrow).  When worn the wires go very far back. I did swap the wires out for some wires I got from Sweet cup bra company, but within seconds of putting the bra on, I could feel they were too heavy (at least for this bra. The actual width of the wires/cup is 4.5, which is really .5 an inch smaller what I prefer, but as you can see above, it stretches a good amount.

My hand is where my tissue ends

My hand is where my tissue ends
Original Video

(^this will hopefully show up as a video of the wires when the bra is stretched)


The wire on the right is from Sweet cup; the wire on the left is the fancies wire. Notice the fancies wire is almost half as thick as the other wire.

The wire on the right is from Sweet cup; the wire on the left is the fancies wire. Notice the fancies wire is almost half as thick as the other wire.

A comparison of the wire that came with the bra and the wire from sweet cup


The reason why I could wear this bra with the heavier wires, is because the gore is too wide. The gore is sitting on breast tissue. When I first put the bra on, I don’t really feel it, but after a few hours it hurts (not on Cleo level, but it definitely felt better when I took the bra off). Because the gore comes up relatively high, I would need it to be overlapping for it to not cause any pain.

The tweezers are used to show where my breast tissue is. The outer portion of the wire is sitting on breast tissue

The tweezers are used to show where my breast tissue is. The outer portion of the wire is sitting on breast tissue


I do think the band is a hair too small for me, but sizing up would probably make the band too big. I could use a row, maybe 2 of an extender, but I don’t have a 5 row extender. I think the band feeling so tight could have an effect on how the cups/wires are stretching. One thing definitely worth noting, is that literally second after putting the bra on, when I bent over to put my pants on, the bottom of the band in the front flipped up, and stayed that way the whole day. I didn’t fix this because it would keep flipping back up. There isn’t any boning in the band, so the longline is more for show than function.



The straps are wideset, but it doesn’t bother me. The straps are also plain (boring), and stretchy.


East-west projection

East-west projection

As much as I dislike the wires on this bra, I do want to buy it in the pale pink that it comes in. I also want to try it in a 30DD. I wonder if a looser band would prevent the stretching of the wires.

For now, I’m recommending that anyone interested in this bra (that has narrow-average roots) wait until,you,can find this bra on sale.

One thought on “Freya Fancies longline 28E chilli

  1. Interestingly, since bras often fit us in a similar way, my experience with this particular bra was a little different to yours. Although I could have worn it in my usual 30E, the wires were so ridiculously wide that I decided to size down to 30DD. They are still too wide in this size, but it’s not quite as silly. I have tall roots, but I think I probably have less upper fullness than you, so although it doesn’t give me the most lift, I do get quite a pleasing natural teardrop shape. I also don’t have any trouble with the band flipping up, although I’m not sure why that would be. It’s not an ideal fit for me, but I find it really comfortable, so it’s one of my ‘off-duty’ bras, for working at home, or popping to the shops.


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