Ewa Michalak PL Opium 65E

This is part 2 of my Opium series, you can find part one (CHP) here, and part three (M) coming soon.

For this bra, I decided to go with Aisha from Zathiya ( I think it ended up being cheaper ordering from Zathiya, than directly from Ewa). For this particular order all I did was email Aisha, and tell her I wanted the Opium bra made into PL cut, since CHP has wires that are too hard for me. I asked her if I needed to leave a deposit, because that’s what I had to do when I ordered a custom Comexim. She said leaving a deposit wasn’t necessary. When the bra arrived to Aisha from Ewa, she sent me an invoice (I had asked to purchase something else that was in stock on her site, and she added that to the order)

When I received the bra, I wasn’t in love with it. As we’ll see below: (This review will be short, because I only tried the bra on twice, once when I first got it, and then again to take pics)



The main thing I didn’t like about this bra was the way the cups looked/fit. The depth of the cup was 8.5 inches, and the width was 5 inches, so it was within my range. This was the same size as the other PLs that I own, but the shape that it gave me wasn’t very nice. One thing, is that the apex of the bra was a lot higher than where my nipples are. I’d say it was off by around an inch or so- as in my nipples were lower, and more centered than the apex of the bra. The shape of the bra was relatively pointy. I do wonder if it was because my nipples weren’t close to the apex of the bra. But even so, the bottom of the cup didn’t have a curve to it the way my older Ewas do. It kind of went up like this: /   So this bra seemed shallow at the bottom (my 65E fairytale also fit the same, but that was also too big). When I emailed Aisha she told me if I sized down there woud be even less depth at the wire(something I didn’t even think about). So I opted to get this bra made in the M cut, since it works so well for me.



Please ignore the unevenness of the straps

Please ignore the unevenness of the straps

The band stretched to 29 inches, and I don’t recall it feeling loose, Although it does look like its riding up in some of the pics.


The straps felt okay, from what I remember, but they do look like they’re wideset


The gore was nice and low, at 1.75 inches ( cm)


2 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak PL Opium 65E

  1. Sorry this bra didn’t work out for you. Did Aisha allow you to return it for a refund, even though it was a custom cut? Totally irrelevant to proper bra fit, but does this PL Opium give you pronounced cleavage? It looks very cleavage-y to me. I don’t usually care about this bra quality, but it’s been on my mind, with NYE coming up.


    • Yes, Aisha allowed me to exchange this bra. I should probably add info about that in the post (thanks for reminding me)
      There was cleavage. I think it looked the way it did because the bottom was too shallow. I think if there had been more depth at the wire I wouldn’t have had as much cleavage.


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