Comexim Coco 70F

After receiving and wearing the Comexim Donna and the Chloe I decided I wanted to try the Comexim unlined halfcup. I’ve loved the way it looked since seeing other bloggers/women talk about this bra, but I was never sure if the top of the bra would work for my tall roots. Plus I don’t like the way most unlined halfcups look on me. I feel like they’re more for looks than of function. In my case function would be  any sort of lifting.
As with most black bras, I decided to size up in the band. When I looked at the measurements for 70E and 70F, 70E looked like it was a better fit, 70F was a little deeper than what I can wear.  I went with an F cup and asked for the cup to be reduced 1cm, and the straps moved in 1cm.


Overall this bra is very comfortable to wear. I wore it 3 days in a row (gross, I know- but I didn’t sweat so that okay, right?) and barely felt any discomfort. The cups were only slightly itchy every so often.

The band

As I’ve said above I ordered this in a 70 band. I really could have gone with a 65, because this is too loose. On the loosest setting the band rides up, a lot. I can comfortably wear this on the tightest setting. Thankfully the band doesn’t move around when I wear it on the loosest setting. The band stretches to 31 inches (78.74 cm).

For a while I’ve noticed that with my Comexim bras (and only my Comexims) that the bottom of the band ends up feeling tight after a few hours. Naturally I was thinking that it was me- My torso was somehow incompatible with Comexim bands. But as you see in the 2 pics above, it’s not me. Comexim seems to make the upper portion of the band looser than the lower part of the band. When I wear this bra on the tightest setting, I get the gap you see above, on both sides. I believe it is like this on the tightest setting because the bottom of the band is being stretched, but the top part isn’t (because the top part is longer than the bottom part). I will eventually put a dart on both sides of the band to make the top and bottom parts even, and that will hopefully prevent the band from riding up.

The cups

The width of the cups is 5 inches. I think realistically I need 5.25 inches to be completely contained. When I put this bra on I have to make sure my whole breast is in the cup. There does seem to me more depth at the wire than in Comexim plunges. I’ve read other reviews where it is mentioned that this bra is minimizing, I don’t think it is (on me). With the bra on my standing overbust is still 34.5 inches  (87.63 cm). While it isn’t minimizing, it does give me a round shape, because it pushes my nipples/areolas in. (While my nipples aren’t prominent, I do believe they lead me to constantly having s pointy appearance in some bras).

The very first time I tried this bra on, the sides of the cup felt like they were rubbing, but I haven’t felt that since that day.

The top of the cups is stretchy. I don’t get any cutting in or quadding, but I could potentially see that happening if someone FOT got a size too small, or for someone that was very FOT.

The gore

The gore is 2.5 inches high and only .5 inches wide!!! The wire channels are overlapping (I did not ask for this, but I like it)

The wires

I have to be careful with the wires and make sure they’re not sitting on breast tissue when I’m wearing the bra. When the band is on the loosest setting it moves around and can cause the wire to not completely encase my breast (because it’s not being stretched at all). One of the times I wore this the wires were sitting on my tissue, and I didn’t feel it. I didn’t notice it until after I took of the bra. I think because comexims wires are so soft, I didn’t feel it.


Comparison pics. The top pics is with the band on the loosest setting, and the bottom pics is the tightest setting.

In general I’d say I’m happy with my purchase, except for the issue with the band. The bra is 100% comfortable to wear for a 10 hour shift. I don’t find myself adjusting anything throughout the day. The bra isn’t as itchy as the Donna or the Chloe.

3 thoughts on “Comexim Coco 70F

  1. So, we’re of the same size range (however my breasts are not as self supporting as yours are) and I love how this looks, but I’m a bit worried about that band. Out of curiosity, what is your underbust measurement? I may be able to get a 70F and not worry about it, but if our underbust measurements are very similar, I may just get a 65G in this. My “this is how snug I want my band to feel like” underbust measurement is 30, but the snug, closer to size is about 29.5 or so.


    • My snug underbust is 28.5, and breaking the tape (super tight) is 26.5, so theoretically I should have gotten a 65 band, but when I buy black bands I always size up. But with Comexim bands I almost always have the issue where the upper part of the band is okay, but then the bottom part is too tight. In this case the upper part is too big, and the bottom part is okay-a hair too big.


      • Okay it sounds like then I should stick with the 70F then.

        But seriously I get the same thing with the bands.. I’ll barely have marks from the top half of the band but the bottom half gives welts that do go away. I feel like if they used slightly thicker elastic it wouldn’t dig in as bad.

        And I’m also with you on the Ewa wires. They are SO rigid and they dig in and are rather painful.


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