Ordering from Avocado

Ordering from Avocado is pretty straightforward, but I just want to talk about a few things.


What I did for my order, was I went to Collections’ and clicked on ‘Essentia’ because 1. That was the cheapest style and 2. It is their “basic” bra. When I looked for this order I wasn’t sure which style to get, so I went with my main Polish size of 65E.


According to their size guide, I’d be somewhere between an E cup and an F cup ( my overbust being 87.63 cm. On a 65 band E cup is 86 cm, and F cups is 90 cm. If I went by their underbust measurement, I would have gone with a 60 band (and either an F cup or a G cup. The only time I really wear 28 bands is when I wear Freya bras. Before I ordered from Avocado, I did search around but most blog posts/reviews that I read were on women with breasts a lot bigger than mine. There was one bra for sale in 60E and going by the measurements it was too small, so I decided not to try a 60 band. I should have gone with a 69 band though, because the 65 felt rather loose.


When I first heard of Avocado and went on their website, there was an option for pricing to be in złoty as well as euros. Currently on the website, the currency it s only in Euros. Last year when I was first thinking about the Essentia bras, there was a special “2 for 92,25”. I’ll just assume for the time being that it meant if you buy 2, they’ll both be 92,25zł, which equals about $23USD (each). The reason why I bring this up, is because the current price is 33,32€ which converts to ~$36. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather the pricing be in Zloty than Euro (it’s cheaper for us americans).

I bought 2 Essentia bras for 33,32€ each, which with the shipping (VAT was included) came to 78,76€ (~$87USD). On the day I bought these bras, I had an abundance of money sitting in my checking account, so I said ‘what the hay’. And didn’t think about the price. (Coincidentally I also bought 2 Ewa bras for around the same amount…)

Ordering times

I placed my order September 18th. Sept 19th I received an email stating that my order was processing. Sept 21st, I received an email stating that my bras were shipped. I received the bras around October 1st. So it took a total of 10 days (7 business days) for me to receive my bras once they were shipped. I live on the east coast, so that’s not too bad.

The packaging

Someone has mentioned this before, but once you open the shipping bag you are HIT with a strong floral-like scent. It’s very strong. To help you imagine the smell, imagine putting in a dryer sheet in a bag with bras. That’s exactly what it smells like. I’m not particularly sensitive to smells, but even this was too much for me. The reason for the strong smell is they put some sort of potpourri/bath balls in the bag. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, but very strong. If you have issues with strong smells, you may want to email them asking them to not put the scented balls in your package. The smell won’t come out of the bras until you wash them or air them out.

There was also a catalogue like booklet in the package. And on the very back of the booklet, there is pictures of some of the bra fits (with no description of the actual fits). I’m thinking it’s a somewhat older booklet, because the styles are ‘A H & K’, I don’t think there’s a lot of H or A styles on their site for sale.

The straps connect to the upper portion of the cup

The strap is connected to the lower outer portion of the cup.

The straps are attached to the upper portion of the cup, and there is a slight curve of the diagonal seam.


I debated for a few days as to whether or not I was going to keep the bras. But for the price I paid, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sell them without losing a good amount of money. So I decided to return them. I ended up paying $9 in return shipping. In the shipping bag, along with the bras there’s 2 sheets. One is like the order form, and the other is a contract that you fill out if you decide to return the bra. I wish I took a picture, but I didn’t think about it until today, days after I shipped the bras back. On the paper it states that you can receive your refund by a bank check/money order, OR directly into your bank account. Neither one of those options were acceptable to me, so I made a note that I would prefer the money be refunded to my PayPal account. I did put my info down for the check/money order option though. I don’t know if I’ll have an issue cashing an international form of payment.

I tried to print the return label via PayPal with the return address provided by Avocado, however Paypal wouldn’t let me complete the transaction, because the ‘region’ was missing.

Ul. Pilicka 14
60-401 Poznań

I assume ‘Poland’ is the region, but since this is something I was sending back for a refund, I didn’t want to assume (and risk losing my refund because the package got lost), I emailed Avocado and asked them what the address was to send the bras back. This is the address they gave me

Avocado Lingerie

ul. Jackowskiego 15
60-508 Poznań


Whenever I get the refund I will let y’all know how it goes.


Based on how the bras fit, in conjunction with the price, and the lack of reviews in smaller sizes, I don’t see myself ordering from Avocado again.

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