Impimi Adell 65E

First and foremost I was gifted with this bra, when I bought the Nicoll. All opinions are my own.

I have wanted to review this bra for a while, but I’ve been waiting for Impimi to respond to my email. My last email to them was Aug 4th, and they still have not responded.

I emailed them to let them know that this bra as well as the other bra they sent me didnt fit me as well as I liked. They’re bras that I would only wear once (for the purpose of reviewing them), and they wouldn’t get worn again because they’re not comfortable. However, as of writing this, I haven’t worn this bra (or the other bra they gifted me; and the bra I did pay for, I only wore once).

The straps

The straps are somewhat wideset. Not wide enough that they slip off my shoulders, but wide enough that they rub against my skin.

The cups

The cups are just an all around fail for me. There is space at the top of the cups were the lace and the padded part meet, but the very top of the cup is flush against my skin, and the lace isn’t stretchy. There is a band of elastic on the inner part at the top of the cup (where the red decoration is), so if I were to size down, there would be some cutting in. The bottom of the cup is angled upwards, so I get a very pointed appearance, almost like a bullet bra.

The sides of the cup come up very high. It irritates my tail of spence, and this is just from trying it on, I couldn’t imagine wearing this all day. Literally bringing one arm over to scratch the other arm isn’t comfortable.

The wires

The wires are also problematic for me. They are shaped like a Nike check/swoop, and as such, they come up too high for me. I do think if the wire were shorter/more of a U shape the cup would sit better. The length of the wire is 8.75 inches (22.23 cm)

The gore

The gore is too high for me at 3 inches (7.62 cm). Ideally, I can work with Comexim’s gore of 2.75cm at the highest. But because the wires are heavy, the gore is painful. The width of the gore is .75 inches (1.91 cm)

The band

The band is TTS.  There is boning on the side of the band. The back part of the band is stretchier than the wings  (before the boning). The band is riding up somewhat because I have the straps adjusted quite a bit so there isn’t a lot of space in the cup. (Adjusting the straps longer doesn’t stop the strap issue though)


My guess is that this bra would fit someone that has a wide root, and is even (not FOT/FOB), but doesn’t need a ton of depth at the wire, and probably best for someone that has wideset shoulders.


I really wanted this bra to work, but it doesn’t. When I emailed Impimi, I told them that this bra, and the other bra they sent me were a little too big. And asked if they would send a different size. They said they would, and commented that the Nicoll bra that I purchased looked too small

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