Backseam ‘Peach’ set part 1

Backseam is an Indie company run by a woman named Alena in the Ukraine. Every item she makes is custom made to order, and sewn by her. Her items are currently for sale on Etsy.

I heard about Backseam from fellow lingerie blogger PetiteColligiate. I loved the way her set looked so much for decided to order one for myself.

With this particular set, I emailed Alena and asked if she had any dark red fabric, because I have dark skin and dark or bold shades look very nice on my skin. She responded quickly with about 10 different fabric swatches for me to choose from.

When I messaged her after choosing the color, I let her know that I wore size 30DD in most bras, and XS/S in panties. She sent me a diagram and said she needed specific measurements. (bust, under bust, high waist, hip & height).

In this pic, you can see how odd the too large cup makes my breast look

The straps

The straps make me very happy. They are very thin  (thin like most VS bras). They literally measure a hair under half an inch. (1.27 cm)

The wires/gore

The wires are way to wide. The width of the wires is 5.75 inches (14.61 cm), which is about half an inch wider that what I need. The wires are also very U shaped. The wires for the cup come up very high. There’s 1 inch of space at the end of the wire channel, so the wire doesn’t poke me (however I haven’t actually worn this bra, so it could very well become bothersome throughout the day). The wires do seem very soft/bendable.

The gore is 3 inches (7.62 cm) high, excluding the lace at the bottom. That’s a lot higher than what I prefer to wear, but I don’t think there would be any irritation because the wires are soft.

The cups

The cups on this bra are too big for me. A big part of that is because the wires are too wide, but the depth of the bra is 8.75 inches (22.25 cm), which is deeper than what I go for in unlined bras. The height of the cup is 6 inches (15.24 cm). I have tall roots, so the height isn’t an issue for me, but considering this is a halfcup, it’s kind of high. So the too wide wires + the too deep cups = cups that are too big. The cups are big enough that I can fit my whole entire fist alongside my breasts. It doesn’t help that the material is very stretchy.

Also, I think because the wires are too wide AND too high, the sides of the cup come up too high. Since I haven’t worn the bra (beyond trying it on) I can’t say how much of an irritation it will be, however this area will get covered wth deodorant, and it will show when worn with a tank top/cami.

The band

The band is TTS, but very stretchy. It is lined, but both the lace and the lining are stretchy. Unstretched the band measures 24 inches (60.96cm),  and when stretched the band can go all the way to 33 inches (83.82 cm) 😳

The bottoms

I’m wearing brown panties underneath

The bottoms are a little too big. There’s room in the crotch, as well as in the back (because of the way my butt is shaped). The very top part of the panties fit fine.


The quality

The fabric is very stretchy all over– the lining/mesh, and the lace fabric. The quality of this set is very high. If this set actually fit, I would have been very happy. Quality wise, I got what I paid for, and the set should probably cost a little more, if we’re being completely honest. Both the lace and the mesh are very soft. When looking at this set, I can tell attention was paid into the details.

Alena sent me a neck choker waist strappy thing (as you can see from the photos). I’m not into strappy things, so I had no idea how it’s worn, or what it’s called. It’s cute, but I think it would look better on someone that is taller.

Speaking of being taller, I am aware that high waisted styles are not for my body because I’m too short, and after doing Pilates years ago, my waist isn’t as ‘narrow’ as it once was. High waisted bottoms always hit me in a spot where it looks odd.

I did email Alena to tell her the set was too big, and she offered to make another set for me.


You can buy the bra here. There is matching panties in that link, but I asked for panties cut like these.

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