Thinx High Waisted Panty XS review

High waisted style

Thinx panties come in 6 different styles, Some are for light days, some for medium, and some for heavy days. The high waisted style is for medium days  and it holds up to 1 1/2 tampons worth.


I bought this particular style because I loved the lace on the side. It didn’t dawn on me until right after I hit the order button that a high waisted style is not what I want to wear during my period. I get bloated, so I dislike anything near my stomach– the lower the better.



I do want to mention that while wearing these panties, I was between a spotting and a light day. I am on the extended cycle birth control, so I {should} generally only get my period every 3 months. The last time I had my period, was somewhere between Jan & Feb, possibly in March (for whatever reason I didn’t mark down in the app I have on my phone when I got my period last). Anyway, I was supposed to get it early June, but it never came. I was not good at taking the pill at the same time everyday (I accidentally forgot 2 pills in a row, and one 2 days pervious). So I had what they call breakthrough bleeding. Imo, breakthrough bleeding is different from a regular period, because it’s always darker (rarely a bright red), and also very hard to get out of panties. The other I times I’ve had breakthrough bleeding, it’s lasted for 1 month. The breakthrough bleeding tends to be light. Some days it’s too light to wear a light tampon (which is very thin), some days it’s even too light to wear certain panty liners. Some days either is fine.

So this review is going to be for the one day I wore these panties, which was the second ( and also the heaviest) day. The heaviest day, still being only about 1 slim fit tampon.


The fit

I chose XS, because that is the size I normally wear. Also since they’re high waisted, a small would probably be too big in the waist. The waist on these is perfect. They are high, which visually isn’t good for me, since I short. They come up to my belly button. Even though they were high, and I was bloated, the waist didn’t bother me, it wasn’t too tight. The waist was very comfortable.


However, the leg openings were tight. For my size, I don’t think I have thin thighs. My thighs touch. If it helps, my thighs are 21.25 inches (54.5cm) across the top. The actual leg opening for the panties is a hair smaller than 21.5 inches.


The leg opening was right enough to be uncomfortable after a few hours. There was a mark on my leg after I took them off. However, it wasn’t uncomfortable enough that I wanted to take them off as soon as I got home.



The material

The panties are very soft, the lace isn’t scratchy at all (like how the lace on some bras can be). The outer piece of the solid black fabric almost feels like swimwear. The inner portion of the fabric feels like it’s at least 3 layers thick. The material itself isn’t thick (you won’t feel like you’re wearing a pad), it’s just more than the basic 2 layers most panties have. The gusset goes very high in both the front and back (higher than regular panties), so these would be good for sleeping in. The gusset is wider than normal gussets, but not uncomfortable. The non gusset, non lace portion of the panties is lined. 


Wearing them

I will say I was hesitant to wear them at first. I love the idea of not having to wear a tampon or panty liner, but there comes an uncertainty when trying a menstrual item out for the first time, especially when you’re at work. (In order for me to do my job, I have to sit in front of people with my legs open, so I can’t have any surprises.  But everything went smooth. There were times at work when I felt fluids coming out of me (a normal thing when I’m wearing a pad/panty liner-because gravity). And at one point, I needed to go to the bathroom. When I went to the bathroom, there was some “period” visible on the panties. When I get breakthrough bleeding it is oftentimes full of clots, which isn’t something that it going to seep into the fabric. So that is what I saw on the panties. And since the clots were on top of the panties, it is something I was going to feel if I put the panties back on normally. So I wiped it down, and put a small piece of tissue there (I didn’t want to feel any wetness). At the end of the day, when I got ready to take a shower, I mixed that there was some sweat in the panties (when I walk into my apartment it’s always hot- I don’t keep my AC on when I’m at work). However, I did not feel the moisture from the sweat (or the period for that matter). So these would be good for working out in. I was amazed, because I could see the sweat, but not feel it.

Also, I feel it’s worth mentioning that there wasn’t a smell. I notice when I wear pads or panty liners, there’s always a smell. I think I read the smell comes from the iron in your blood mixing with the oxygen in the air? The smell from pads/panty liners is something I’ve noticed even after showering & wearing one.


I hand washed these, as I wanted to wear them the next day, but the next day they were still too wet to wear. I hand washed them in my bathroom sink. I felt as though I didn’t clean them enough, because the water didn’t turn red  or pink. 😳 I let water run on the gusset for about 5 minutes after washing them, and the water was still clear. I rang them out, and put them on a towel in my hot ass apartment and hoped they would be dry by the morning. After they dried I noticed the  gusset doesn’t really seem soft. But I may just need to put them in the washing machine.


In the future, I do want to try all the styles, so that I can compare them. I do love them in place of other feminine hygiene products,  and urge everyone to try them.

One thought on “Thinx High Waisted Panty XS review

  1. I think I’m going to have to try this. The convenience of not having to carry around replacement pads would be great for travel. I’m mostly excited about the absence of smell. The main reason I am bare down there is to minimize the smell of blood during my period. I can’t stand it, especially combined with the discomfort of having my period. Thanks for the review!


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