Ewa Michalak M Jeżynka 65DD

The bra

M style, Jeżynka (raspberry)

*This set was gifted to me, all opinions are my own.*

Left side is without pads, right side is with pads.














The straps are very thin and stretchy. There is a design on them, and while the design is very cute, it makes adjusting the straps hard. Most bra straps I can adjust while wearing the bra, these straps I cannot.








This is how I wore the straps when I wore the bra, as it was more comfortable.










However this is the natural placement of the straps. I don’t particularly consider myself to have narrow shoulders, so this is something you may want to think about if you do. But since the straps are very stretchy I don’t think they would slip off if they were worn like this.





There is a little side pocket for the ‘cookies’






The sides of the cup come up somewhat high, but not enough to irritate my armpits. I didn’t actually feel any discomfort while wearing the bra.

The width of the cups is a little on the wide side. The 65DD measures 5,4 inches. I do also think the cups run a little big.



As you can see from these two pics, the wires are actually wider than my breasts. In both pics I am pushing my breasts in a bit.


The gore

The gore is relatively low with a measurement of 1.6 inches, and a width of .75 inches. The gore does not overlap. But since the gore is so low, it doesn’t sit on my breast tissue. I haven’t had any pain at the gore when wearing this bra (I’ve worn it about 4 or 5 times since getting it)


The band

The band closes with a 2×4 hook & eye closure, and has a double layer. The band is firm and TTS, measuring out to around 28.5 inches when stretched. (all of my 65 band Ewa’s stretch to about 28-29 inches. It does not seem like it will stretch out quickly. 

The bows ☺️

They paid a lot of attention to detail when they made the bows.










The panties

The panties are available as a thong. I was sent a size 36, and these seem a little bit bigger than the Kicia panties that I own in the same size. There’s a bit of room in the front. 









Pics of the full set

I love the contrast between the bright pink fabric and the periwinkle ‘accessories’

Kaska recommended 65DD as the size, and I suggested that it might be too small since my PL is 65E. Thankfully I went with the 65DD, because imo the cups seem to run a little big. If I did get a 65E it would have been too big for me. The foam of the cups is very thin, and it does not feel the same as the foam in the PL that I own.

This bra is comfortable enough for me to wear it during one of my 10 hour shifts at work, and not want to rip it off when I get home (a win in my book)


*Word of caution*

Be careful when washing this bra, the first time I washed it, I did notice that the water seemed to be a purplish color. So if you’re going to put this in a washing machine you may want to use a color grabbing sheet. However, I,wouldn’t put this in a washing machine because the lace material is very delicate. I have 2 small pulls in the bra from a broken/jagged fingernail.

4 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak M Jeżynka 65DD

  1. I wish the M cut fit me as well as it does you. In 65F, my Ewa Michalak size in their 3D and PL cuts, the M Syrena and M Magique don’t contain my side tissue well. Their straps are also insanely wide, and I have broad, if small-boned, shoulders. I can’t wear the M cut at all because of the straps. I sewed the straps down closer together in front, but the side tissue issue got worse. So sad, because Syrena and Magique are gorgeous.

    If the M cut worked for me, I’d order the Jeżynka. In the past, Ewa Michalak made some bright bras that were lined with white fabric on the inside, which I find impractical. Now that I know Jeżynka is lined with the same gorgeous color as on the outside, I really wish the M cut worked for me.


      • Thanks for the reminder about requesting a different cut! If I hadn’t just gotten confirmation Ewa Michalak will make the bright blue Chaberek (I hope it’s truly bright blue and not another dark blue one), I’d ask for Jeżynka in 3D. The Chaberek’s matching panties are mid-rise briefs. Unlike you, I look terrible in thongs. [Sadness] The Chaberek’s panties are more likely to work on me than the Jeżynka’s. But thanks for the bra enabling reminder, lol!


      • I have the chaberek on the way. I asked for a material other than the beige, but they were going to charge 40pln, so I’m just sticking with the beige base.
        I don’t think it’s dark blue but the beige base could be making it look lighter.


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