Comexim Jacqueline 65G

Color: Black & white houndstooth with red trim

Style: plunge

The bra:

A big red lace bow at the top of the gore

There is also a red lace bow where the cup and straps meet

The top of the cup is trimmed with a red lace

The inside of the bra is black with red trim

The gore is very close together, but not overlapping.

The inner top part of the cups has the houndstooth print

The houndstooth print doesn’t go around the back/sides of the bra. There is only 3 rows of hooks.

This bra actually came with a tag

The fit:

With my shirt and cami

The marks marks left by the wires

In the following pictures I’m pushing my breasts in, in the bottom photo.

The bottom of the wire encases my breasts perfectly.

The area where I’m pointing is a part of the area that was hurting me.

The review:

First off let me say, I’ve been dying for this bra. I wrote in a previous post (or two) how much I love houndstooth. So this was a bra I definitely needed to get my hands on (I actually have another one on the way).

This bra is completely unaltered as far as I know.

The gore does somewhat sit on tissue, but since it the wires are so light, I couldn’t even feel it. I think I need the gores to be completely overlapping for it to not be sitting on breast tissue. I mean literally one wire directly on top of the other. It is possible if the gore was lowered it wouldn’t be sitting on tissue.

I am happy to note that the bra actually fits. There wasn’t any space at the apex, although my nipples were slightly lower/and more inward than the apex of the bra. The wires completely outline my breasts. There’s no space where the cups and the straps meet. I have tall tissue, but I figured there would be some gapping since I was going up a size and the bra was unaltered. There is no gapping or quadding on the larger breast, and very slight gapping on the smaller breast close to the gore.

The one issue I did have with this bra, and just about all Comexims, is the bottom of the band was so tight. Uncomformably tight. I did post a picture of an area near the wire that was hurting, but it was really the whole entire area on my back/sides. I had absolutely no issue with the top of the band. I wasn’t home when it really started bothering me, so I couldn’t put on an extender.

The very first time I put this bra on, I did notice there was some space between the wire and the cup, but it went away when I placed the wire directly in my IMF.

I do want to mention that I bought this bra (brand new) from someone that didn’t like the way it fit them. They originally bought the bra from Zathiya. This is why the bra has a “store” tag on it. No where on the bra or even the tag, does it say Zathiya.


I do love this bra, very much. I very much anticipate getting the same bra in ’65F’. I want a lower cut/more cleavagey bra.

3 thoughts on “Comexim Jacqueline 65G

  1. I was hoping you’d get your hands on this bra! When I read in your earlier post about your love of houndstooth, I thought of the Comexim Jacqueline. It was already almost out of stock, I believe. It’s great you were able to get it after all. How wonderful you get a great fit and have another one on its way!


  2. So happy for you that you got your hands on Jacqueline, and another on the way 🙂 I overlooked her for too long on the Comexim site and lost my chance. I want more houndstooth bras! Interesting about how even though the wires aren’t perfect, it’s not uncomfortable. I hope I’ll feel the same way if my unaltered gore turns out not to be narrow enough.


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