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Backless Plunge Bodysuit size 32

This item is available for purchase here, and it comes in beige and black.


I bought this specifically to wear underneath maxi dresses, since I don’t have any suitable strapless bras. Since its starting to get really hot, a strapless bra is a necessity. I realize that wearing a bodysuit underneath a dress may not be the best solution during a very hot day, but it’s better than not having anything.


The bodysuit

There is a small clear removable piece in the middle, although I’m not sure if you’d want to remove it

The inner part of the cup

There are notches on the side, so the straps can be worn in different spots

The back has very little material

The crotch closes with a 3×3 hook and eye closure

I do want to point out that there was 3 black dots on one of the clear straps

Worn regularly

The cups initially look okay

but there’s some space between my skin and the cups

After a lot of swooping and scooping

The side view

Back view

Sorry for all the tattoo coverings.

Seeing as how none of you know me, you don’t know that my behind is not as long as it looks in this picture.

My butt starts where my fingers/hands are

Ideally I’d want the bodysuit to be lower like this (below), but it was very loose in the front at my crotch

Without the straps

Worn as a halter style:

With a maxi dress on:

The back

When I stand a certain way, you can see the outline of the bodysuit

Maxi dress without the bodysuit


The review:

I chose to go with the 32 because it was the smallest size, and most likely to fit me height wise. Going based off the measurement chart, I’d need a 36. The measurements are very small. The measurements I’ve taken are as follows:

  • total length- 18.5 inches
  • width directly below the wires- 11 inches
  • longest strap length- 15 inches
  • wire width- 5 inches
  • cup height- 5.75 inches
  • cup depth- 6.5 inches
  • wire length- 5.5 inches


I wore this long enough to get some pizza. For 2 reasons- 1, it was not that warm out today. According to the clock in my bedroom it was 71°, but it was a lot colder outside, so I’d say it was around 55°. It was also raining. 2- this was not very comfortable.

I just want to say, that I am 5 foot tall, so I was happy that this bodysuit wasn’t crazy long on me. I do think because if the length of this it may be too short from someone that’s tall- it may be too short if you’re over 5’5. The width if the bodysuit was perfect, except for about 2-3 inches below the cups.

The 3 row & column hook and eye closure was not a good idea for this. As you can see from the pics above, my thighs touch. There is a very very small space between my thighs at the top. Because my thighs are so close, the closure kept rubbing against my thighs when I was walking. It was a slight irritation- enough the I couldn’t forget that I was wearing it, but it didn’t drive me crazy. I think if you don’t have thighs that touch, it may not be an issue for you. The last time I wore a bodysuit was when I was in high school, in the late 90s, and the bodysuit had snaps at the crotch.

When I first looked at the cups, I thought there was a good amount of pprojection, but it’s at the apex and not at the wire. It felt like there was immediate projection, until I vigorously swooped and scooped.

The wires on this bodysuit do not completely rest on my skin. Probably half of the wire rests on my skin. I think a big part of that is because there’s no actual band to keep the cups close to the skin. In the pictures where I have it as a halter, I did put the second strap across the back, to act as the band, it did feel a little more secure.


This cannot be worn as a strapless unless the top part of your dress/top is very tight and will keep it in place. ¡It does not stay up on its own!


I would not recommend this if:

  • You’re very tall
  • You have very shallow breasts
  • You have a narrow space between your thighs
  • You need a lot of support for your breasts

Here is a link to the dress. It is the perfect length for us shorter gals.

Comexim Jacqueline 65G

Color: Black & white houndstooth with red trim

Style: plunge

The bra:

A big red lace bow at the top of the gore

There is also a red lace bow where the cup and straps meet

The top of the cup is trimmed with a red lace

The inside of the bra is black with red trim

The gore is very close together, but not overlapping.

The inner top part of the cups has the houndstooth print

The houndstooth print doesn’t go around the back/sides of the bra. There is only 3 rows of hooks.

This bra actually came with a tag

The fit:

With my shirt and cami

The marks marks left by the wires

In the following pictures I’m pushing my breasts in, in the bottom photo.

The bottom of the wire encases my breasts perfectly.

The area where I’m pointing is a part of the area that was hurting me.

The review:

First off let me say, I’ve been dying for this bra. I wrote in a previous post (or two) how much I love houndstooth. So this was a bra I definitely needed to get my hands on (I actually have another one on the way).

This bra is completely unaltered as far as I know.

The gore does somewhat sit on tissue, but since it the wires are so light, I couldn’t even feel it. I think I need the gores to be completely overlapping for it to not be sitting on breast tissue. I mean literally one wire directly on top of the other. It is possible if the gore was lowered it wouldn’t be sitting on tissue.

I am happy to note that the bra actually fits. There wasn’t any space at the apex, although my nipples were slightly lower/and more inward than the apex of the bra. The wires completely outline my breasts. There’s no space where the cups and the straps meet. I have tall tissue, but I figured there would be some gapping since I was going up a size and the bra was unaltered. There is no gapping or quadding on the larger breast, and very slight gapping on the smaller breast close to the gore.

The one issue I did have with this bra, and just about all Comexims, is the bottom of the band was so tight. Uncomformably tight. I did post a picture of an area near the wire that was hurting, but it was really the whole entire area on my back/sides. I had absolutely no issue with the top of the band. I wasn’t home when it really started bothering me, so I couldn’t put on an extender.

The very first time I put this bra on, I did notice there was some space between the wire and the cup, but it went away when I placed the wire directly in my IMF.

I do want to mention that I bought this bra (brand new) from someone that didn’t like the way it fit them. They originally bought the bra from Zathiya. This is why the bra has a “store” tag on it. No where on the bra or even the tag, does it say Zathiya.


I do love this bra, very much. I very much anticipate getting the same bra in ’65F’. I want a lower cut/more cleavagey bra.

Ewa Michalak CH Toffik 75D (altered)

Color: Toffik (a caramel color)

The bra:

There is a satiny bow at the top of the gore

There is also a matching bow where the cup and the strap meets

The cup has 2 semi diagonal seams

The top of the cup has a cute design

The inside of the bra (there aren’t any cookie pockets)

The gore is slightly overlapping

The outer part of the band where it was shortened

The inner part where the band was shortened

The straps

The fit:

Without the pads

With the pads in

Comparison pics with and without the pads

The bottom pic is with the pad. You can actually see where the pad is.

You can see that without the pad, there is gapping at the top of the smaller side (top pic)

With a shirt on

The marks left by the wires

The gore ended up being very stabby 😓

The top of the gore left a red area from being stabby

The review:

This is bra was altered in the band from a 75 (34) to a 65 (30). The straps unfortunately are still meant for someone that would wear a 75. The straps are too long for me, even though I have low set breasts. While the band fit nicely now, I think this is a size I won’t get in the future (I just bought a Comexim in 75D–only size available– and asked them to shorten the band so it fits like a 65F. So we’ll see if I’ll have the strap issue). I tightened the straps enough so that I wouldn’t get gapping (even though it was a slight amount it bothers me), but that caused the straps to feel too tight.

By the end of the day, the gore was very stabby. Cleo levels of stabby. The gore wasn’t high, and wasn’t wide, so I’m not sure why it was painful.

As I’ve said, the band was altered. It wasn’t done professionally, but it has held up as if it was. When I wore the bra the band felt snug like a 65 band.

If it looks like the wire on the bigger side is too wide, it’s because I vigorously swooped and scooped, and the band was firm enough that it stayed in place.

I love the look and feel of this bra, and I would love to get my hands on more CH cuts from Ewa. I think I would try them in 65DD just to have a more sexier look. I went years wearing VS bras (that had a sexy look) that now that I’m wearing “fuller bust” bras that have more coverage, I am looking for that sexiness (but without all the padding)