Tutti Rouge Liliana 30DD

This is going to be a short one. As you will see the bra doesn’t really fit.

Color: Sunshine yellow

The bra:

Big pink bow at the top of the gore

Small bow where the cup and straps meet

The only seam on the cup is the one that attaches the lace to the bottom of the cup

The lacing at the top reminds me of Curvy Kate bras, but the material is very stretchy.

Tutti Rouge signature heart shaped slider

The fit:

From the front it looks like the bra fits okay:

The cup is too wide and shallow for me


  • the sides come up too high
  • the band is not level
  • the wire is too wide

There are certain things I can live with when it comes to bras, but a too wide cup that irritates my side is not one of them. So I returned the bra, in exchange for a 30D. I know that one may not fit either, but if I bend the wire I think it may help. And hopefully the band will be somewhat smaller (even though it’s the same size). This bra is definitely for someone that’s wide and shallow. I recall reading that it was advised to size up. But if I did that it would be horrible on me; the wire would be halfway around my back!

In the past, I’ve come to realize that when I buy half padded bras (or semi soft as they’re sometimes called), I need to size down. The top portion is alsmost always too open for me. This bra seems to be the exception, but I feel I still need to size down.


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