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Melissa Dessous 60E

This will be a very short review, because I just sold the bra, and I realized I never reviewed it.

This bra, along with the other Melissa Dessous bra are the first two Polish bras I ever bought. Neither bra fit, so I didn’t buy another Polish bra for a long time.

No bra only pics, because I forgot to take them.


Bigger side

Smaller side

There was a ridiculous amount of quadding.

I could not close this bra without an extender.

As you can see, this bra did not fit me at all. Cups way too small, and the band was also way too small. Also, from looking at the pics, it looks like the gore was too wide for me as well.

The gore was approx .75 inches wide, which seems normal/slightly wide, but as you can see in pic #6, the gore was sitting on tissue.

The wide of the cup was 4.75. inches, and the depth about 7.5. I’d need about 1 more inch in depth to be able to fit the bra. I think 1 inch would be about 2 cup sizes bigger. And ideally I’d like a width of 5 inches.

I’ve seen other bras on the site that I’ve wanted to order, but I don’t want to take the chance of getting a third bra that doesn’t fit, because this bra took months to sell.

The quality of the bra was very nice, and soft. I have no doubt that if this bra fit, it would have been a bra that I wore often.

The actual bra can be found here: in very limited sizes.

The post about ordering this bra is here.

Curvy Kate Dreamcatcher 28E

Color: Yellow

The bra:

There is a blue bow at the top of the gore

There is also a blue bow where the cups and the straps meet

Dreamcatcher design goes all the way around the cups

But does not extend to the band.

The strap is not too thin and not too wide

The fit:

Here you can see the space in the cup

The sides of the cup come up too high, and it rubs

You can also see some wrinkling in the cup

With a thin cami on

The review: I returned this bra the next day after I got it. As you can see in most of the fit pictures, the cups were too big. There was a lot of room in the top of the cups. I did want to try a size down, but it wasn’t available when I bought this.

On my bigger side, my nipple is close to the apex— my nipple is a little more forward than the apex of the bra (on both breasts), but on the bigger breast, my nipple is higher up, and on my smaller breast my nipple is a little lower than the apex.

I bought this bra back last fall, and I would like to try it on again, just to see how it would fit now. (I don’t think my breasts have gotten bigger, but my measurements have changed a little)

Ewa Michalak CHP Cappuccino 65E

Color: cappuccino

The bra:

The cups are beige with a black lack overlay

There is cuteness happening at the gore.

Closeup of the bow & diamanté design

There is also a bow were the strap and cup meet

There is an additional bow higher up in the strap

The inside of the bra

A closeup of the cups. You can see the the seams are not straight up and down, but on an angle (the space at the top is bigger than the space at the bottom between the two seams)

The fit:

The black lace overlay doesn’t lay completely flat at the top, but there isn’t any gapping in the cup.

With a shirt on:

I posted these pics because oddly enough I was wearing the same exact shirt both times (early April & middle/end of May)

The embroidery on the cup is visible through a thin shirt.


Pics of the marks left by the wires

A closeup of th marks left by the gore 

In case you’re wondering, yes that hurt. The gore was very stabby after a few hours. When I say stabby, I mean of Cleo proportions. I don’t know what happened, but this bra never really irritated me like it did this last time. The gore is 2.1 inches in height, and the width is .6, so it’s not particularly high or wide.


The review:

I do love the way my breasts look in the CHP. I like the way it feels on– it’s “padded”, but not overly so. I found myself constantly touching my chest throughout the day. And even though the bra is “padded” when I touched my breasts, I was feeling my breasts. (Unlike if you touch your breasts in a VS bra, you feel mounds of padding). If I sized down (or wear pads) I could have cakes on a plate cleavage. That is something I’d like, but I don’t like to wear the pads (I have them all in a large ‘sandwich’ bag.), and I also don’t want to buy a size down.

I also want to point out that it may look like the straps are in my armpits, but there isn’t any irritation for me.

Naja Monarchy Jane bikini XS

Panty #2 that I ordered from Naja.

This pair is the Jane bikini in the Monarchy collection.

The way it looks on the models

How it looks in person:

(Both front and back are sheer)

The gusset has a hygienic liner (which says something about not being able to return if the liner isn’t present)

Inspirational quote in gusset “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today”

I chose size XS.

The leg opening is tight. Seconds of putting these on, they felt too tight on my upper thighs/groin.

Lowering them made it feel somewhat looser, but then my butt crack wasn’t completely covered.


I wore them the way they’re supposed to be worn, under jeans, and I didn’t notice any irritation. However when I took them off there was some painful indentations in my skin where the seams were.

These are really cute, and if I could, I’d reorder these in a bigger size. There is no small listed on the site anymore, and the medium is sold out.

Cleo Marcie Red 32D

Color: Red

The bra:

There is a blue bow at the gore

I love the lace design at the top of the cup

The cup

There is no bow where the cups and the straps meet

The design on the straps

There’s about 1/2 inch of space at the end of the wire channel

Front/back view:

Bigger breast

Smaller breast

The marks left by the wire:

With a white shirt on. As you can see, the red is very obvious underneath.

The review:

Theres not much to say about this bra. It’s very similar to the 30DD Cleo Marcies that I own. Having worn this bra for about 8 hours, I can say the wires aren’t trying to kill me. I can feel the gore (occasionally), as well as the sides of the wires, but they’re not stabbing me, (yet). This bra is very similar to the other 32Ds that I own, in that there is a sliver of space at the top of the band where the cup and the band meet. The cups do look like they’re a hair too small, but there isn’t any quadding. Oddly enough the band on this bra (the red) is {or feels} very firm. It is tighter than the 2 30Es that I have. I was surprised to see that the band was riding up when I looked at the picture. (The bra is hooked on the loosest setting)


I went to take this bra off, and I noticed that when I lift my arm, the bottom of the bra doesn’t touch my skin. 😧

Naja Martina Monarchy lo-rise panty size XS

I was told about this brand from PetiteColligiate. She let me know that she came across some houndstooth panties from a company called

A little info about Naja, it’s a company run by women, and all of their products are ethically made. (I’d love to give more info, but that’s all I really know)

The pair I’m going to be reviewing is the Martina brief (which, as of now is sold out):

This is how it looks on the model

This is a part of the Monarchy collection, which features houndstooth & a colorful butterfly print

The upper trim is houndstooth, and the front portion is the butterfly print. The sides and the back are a black lace

The white that you see in the gusset is the hygienic liner. (When was the last time you bought panties with a hygienic liner?)

Upon taking off the hygienic liner, I noticed there was writing in the gusset. Well, I actually thought that some of the liner was stuck.

It says, “who’s going to stop you?”


On to the fit pics:

That tag…

I absolutely love these panties. They’re so comfortable and very sexy feeling. I wore these under my scrubs at work, and I didn’t notice any riding up. The lace is stretchy, but not overly stretchy. I hate full coverage panties, and as I’ve been getting older, I haven’t really been into thongs, so these are a nice medium. Not too much and not too little. There’s more coverage in the front than I care for, but there wasn’t any rubbing.

I would consider these to run tts to slightly big. They’re a little bigger than VS XS panties.

Comexim Tropical Garden via Wellfitting 65F (30DDD)

Color: Tropical Garden (floral & black)

The bra:

Pic of the cup with no flash. The floral fabric isn’t shiny as it appears when the flash is on.

A black bow at the top of the gore.

A small black bow where the cups and the straps meet.

The wing/back on f the bra is a satiny black fabric.

The straps; not too thick, not too thin.

The inner portion of the cup.

The wires at the gore are overlapping

The inner top portion of the cup. When I wear this bra, this is somewhat visible.

Comexim for Wellfitting tag

The size tag. Note that it has both the European size as well as the corresponding US size.

The fit:

Front view

Bigger side

Smaller side

Back view. Probably should have worn an extender

With a shirt on:

The marks left by the wires:


The gore isn’t flat in the middle (but it is on the top and bottom)

This area is where I feel the wire is stretching.


My thoughts: I do love the way this bra looks, but I wish it came as a Demi cut, or was more projected at the bottom. I do think I should have gone up a cup size and had the cup height altered. Doing this would have given me a wider wire, but kept the cup size the same, or maybe be slightly larger. I think for this particular bra, in this size, I have too much center fullness*

I don’t know if y’all see what I see, but it seems like the wires are very soft and instead of stretching on the back end (near the armpit) they’re stretching from the front end (near the gore). In my experience, most UK brands when the wires stretch, they stretch from the back end  (possibly making the wires too wide for some). I tried this bra on a few times before decided to keep it. I tried it on with and without an extender, and the cups looked the same to me. Looking at the pics of the marks left by the bra, it’s not too shallow, and the wires seem to follow the curvature of my breasts closely. The wire looks like it could be 2-3 mm farther out to the sides of my breasts, but I didn’t feel any discomfort from the wires while wearing the bra. The wires on this bra, compared to UK brands (Cleo/Freya/Curvy Kate) seem very very soft. So soft that I get a light tack.

One thing I initially didn’t like about this bra, was that it almost seemed to have a minimizing appearance. I realized it isn’t so much as minimizing, as it isn’t adding to what I already have. (take Ewa bras for example, I love her bras, but they seem to add volume to my breasts. And while I do want bigger breasts, I do want my actual breasts bigger, not just the appearance of them being bigger. So this bra does not add a cup size.

I did wear this bra all day this past Friday or Saturday, and the only thing that bothered me was the bottom of the band- it felt too tight. But the top of the band felt okay. Next time I wear it, I will wear an extender with it.

My experience ordering from Wellfitting:

I contacted Wellfitting one day because I was looking to try a Polish bra, to see what the fuss was all about. I looked around various websites, and Wellfitting was the only one that I came across that actually had bras in my sizes listed on their site. I emailed them about getting a bra, and Julia responded within a day or two. We discussed (via email) what bra would work for me, as well as which size I should choose. I will admit that I didn’t listen to Julia when she told me which cut I should take (although I should have). She suggested I go with one of their Demi bras, since I am full on top. I had my eyes and heart set on the tropical garden. So that’s what I ordered.

*- this may have been another reason why Julia suggested a Demi cut*

I finally placed my order March 13th. I knew to expect that the bra wouldn’t be made/shipped out for another month or so (since they’re handmade and coming from Poland), so I didn’t really email Julia after that. I did email her March 30th because I was concerned that the order said ‘unfullfilled’ instead of process or the like. She told me things were held up a little bit because of the Easter Holiday (which is apparently a big thing in Poland), and that the bra should be getting shipped within the next week. The bra ended up getting shipped April 14th. The bra arrived April 22nd. So to give you a time frame:

Order date: 3/13/2016

Ship date: 4/14/2016

Bra received: 4/22/2016

So, it took 1 month from the time I ordered for the bra to be shipped out (keep in mind there was a Holiday), and 8 days from the time it was shipped to be received.

I would definitely recommend Wellfitting if you want to try out Comexim for the first time, and aren’t sure what size you need, or if you know what size you need and it isn’t the first time you’re ordering, but want to deal with someone that’s in the U.S. With Wellfitting, if you need to return a bra, you return it to an address that’s in the U.S. (California to be exact) so you don’t have to worry about whether or not how long it’s going to take to get to Poland, or how much it will cost.

About Wellfitting:


their bra calculator–

Sizes they carry– 26-50 bands and C-P cups (30 goes up to P; 32 goes up to O and C starts at 30; On their site there is no E or F, it’s DD (for E) and DDD (for F)


This bra was gifted to me in return for a review, but the opinions are all my own.

Tutti Rouge Liliana 30DD

This is going to be a short one. As you will see the bra doesn’t really fit.

Color: Sunshine yellow

The bra:

Big pink bow at the top of the gore

Small bow where the cup and straps meet

The only seam on the cup is the one that attaches the lace to the bottom of the cup

The lacing at the top reminds me of Curvy Kate bras, but the material is very stretchy.

Tutti Rouge signature heart shaped slider

The fit:

From the front it looks like the bra fits okay:

The cup is too wide and shallow for me


  • the sides come up too high
  • the band is not level
  • the wire is too wide

There are certain things I can live with when it comes to bras, but a too wide cup that irritates my side is not one of them. So I returned the bra, in exchange for a 30D. I know that one may not fit either, but if I bend the wire I think it may help. And hopefully the band will be somewhat smaller (even though it’s the same size). This bra is definitely for someone that’s wide and shallow. I recall reading that it was advised to size up. But if I did that it would be horrible on me; the wire would be halfway around my back!

In the past, I’ve come to realize that when I buy half padded bras (or semi soft as they’re sometimes called), I need to size down. The top portion is alsmost always too open for me. This bra seems to be the exception, but I feel I still need to size down.