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Cleo Darcy 30DD

Color: neon green-yellow

The bra:

Molded cup

There is a cute pink bow in the center, at the gore.

Pretty pink lace at the top

There is no bow where the cup and the strap meet.

The flamingo design goes all the way around the band.

The fit:

Right (larger) side

Left (smaller) side

With a cami on

Marks left by the wires:

The wire is in my imf.


I wore this bra no less than 5 times. I like it a lot. And as you can see, it actually fits. Technically it shouldn’t because it’s a good bra for shallow breasts, and people say my breasts aren’t shallow.

I took this pic after the last time I wore it, so you can see there is no creasing at the bottom of the cup.

I don’t recall having any issues when wearing this bra, except for the very last time. That particular day, the bottom of the wire was pushing in my skin.


This looks and fits a whole lot better than the 30E. I do think that technically it would be considered too small because the lace lies flat for the most part.

I liked this bra so much, that I bought a Juna in 30DD.

Victoria’s Secret Green Padded Bralette size S

Color: Jade?

The bra:

Has a diagonal seam on the front.

The bottom has a triangular scalloping design

It’s a part of the pink line, so the inside of the cups are pink

This bra has a lot of padding 😣

A closeup of the wire- it is very short and isn’t the entire length of the bottom of the cup

There’s a small cute heart at the back.

The fit/review:

Yup, this is too small in the cups.

Small but sexy 😏

Even quadding on my smaller boob


This is the most comfortable ‘bra’ I own. This bralette and the other two like it are what got me through the 10 hour shifts at my job. As much as I love them, I’d only buy more when they go on clearance (I got this on clearance for around $15)

The two main issues with this bralette is 1- it is for shallow breasts. And 2- it stretches out A LOT. This is one of the few ‘bras’ that I will put in the dryer. I can’t not put them in the dryer. Every bralette I own I wear multiple times before washing (I’m sure that sounds gross, but I don’t actually sweat in them- when the really hot whether comes I may have to wash them after every wear). They stretch out to the point where it feels like they’re nipple covers, seriously. When it’s stretched I can feel the ‘band’ move as I move.

Claudette Dessous Snakeskin 30E

Color: lipgloss snakeskin

I sold this bra within days of receiving it, so this will be more of a ‘bra fit’ than a review.

I got this bra from Love Claudette’s Encore Valentine’s Sale. All of the with red, pink, and coral were 50% off (I don’t recall the panties being on sale-I would have bought the matching panties because I love this print)


The fit:

From the side view it looks like the band is riding up. I don’t recall at this moment how stretchy the band was, but I know it wasn’t as firm as I was hoping, but it also wasn’t as stretchy as the other 30E Claudette’s I’ve owned.

This bra, as well as the Dessous longline are probably the ONLY two Claudette bras that I own that have a decent amount of projection. The two bras are definitely NOT for someone that’s shallow. I ended up getting this in a 30DD, (and even then I still had a little bit of room in the cups)


With a thin came on

Yes. You can see the seams, probably my areolas, and my nips- if they get hard.

I like the way the profile looks. Very natural, and not minimized. But also not overly rounded.

But as you can see, the sides of the cups came up rather high, so wearing this cami or a tank wouldn’t look very nice. Also, I think the sides of the cup had a high potential (for me) to irritate my skin.

MAT Lingerie Fronax bra 65E

Color: black/white animal print with red

The bra:

There is a big flower sewn on the cup near the straps

There’s a thin red bow at the gore

The straps are completely removable. So theoretically this can be worn as a strapless bra.

The wings and band are a very soft lace

Size tag

The fit/review:

I can feel ‘space’ at the sides and bottom of the cup

But the wires line up with my IMF

Wearing a loose sweater


  • I wore this bra about 3 or 4 times since I’ve received it. I’m iffy on whether or not I like it, because:
  • The sides of the cup come up high. They’re not cutting into tissue, but there is irritation occasionally.
  • I don’t like how the bottom of the cup isn’t rounded. I think, for a padded bra it gives a rather pointy appearance. I thought wearing a few times would soften it up, but it hasn’t yet. I also have not washed the bra.  I do think the bra only having one horizontal seam has something to do with that.
  • The first or second time I wore the bra the wire did bother me a little, in one spot:


The band is firm, not too stretchy, but not overly tight.

The gore is nice and low, and not bothersome

The straps are thin and stretchy

I bought this bra because I really wanted the Ewa Alicia and couldn’t get it in a cup/style that I wanted. But I ended up getting the bra (65DD) anyway.


I’ve been noticing lately that I’ve been having this “issue” where the bottom of the bra, directly above the wire, there feels like there’s some space but when I take off the bras the wires are where they’re supposed to be. I don’t know why that’s happening.

Tutti Rouge Nichole 28D/28DD Collection

I bought 5 of this style of bra knowing that they would all fit. And since the fit of them is just about the same, I decided to make this as one if post instead of 5 separate posts. Most of the pictures posted with be all 5 bras together.


Sugar Pink/Noir 28D

Noir/Pink 28D

Powder Blue/Noir 28D

Papaya 28D

Purple/Pink 28DD

There is a leopard print bow at the gore, with a small pink heart

There is a small bow where the cups and straps meet. The bow matches the color of the thread

And the lace at the top of the cup also matches the thread.

There are cute little heart adjusters ☺️

Some of the heart adjusters are gold and some are silver.

Papaya has gold; sugar pink has silver

Tutti Rouge is ‘engraved’ on the closure

The fit:




This is a view from the bottom, so you can get an accurate view of the shape.

A view from the top so you can get an accurate look at the shape

I tried the greenish bra on inside out,and was able to get better pictures. These are more accurate to what I actually see.

Black and white versions of 2 pics

The red line is where I think my breast should be.


I just… Don’t even know why this style looks so wrong on me. I don’t know how it could have been fixed. There is no real fix for this bra, because the 28D was the smallest size. I think there needs to be more fabric on the sides of the cup, or more stretch to the fabric.

The bra is like, pushing the sides of my breast to the front (front and center), but it’s not working the same way it does on my Cleo bras (Minnie and Maya for example). It pushes my tissue in too much.

Are my breasts too firm for this bra? Every other woman I’ve seen wear this bra have not had this issue, so I don’t know if it’s just my breasts, or if this style is incompatible with smaller breasts (everyone that has reviews of this bra seem to have breasts a lot bigger than mine)

People have said this bra fits similarly to Cleo Marcie, but it doesn’t.

I think one issue I have with this bra, is that for 3 of the 5, the wires are too narrow. 3 have widths of 4.5″, sugar pink has a width of 4.75″, and purple has a width of 5″, but the purple is also a bigger size.

I think there’s enough depth at,the bottom of the cup, but not enough on the outer side; and there’s a little too much depth at the apex.