Freya Crush 30DD

Color: Orchid

The Bra:

It has very colorful–filled with pinks, peach, greens, blues and reds, and perfect for summer.

There is a dark green sticthing that separates the top of the cup from the lace. This one thing would probably make this not good for FOT shapes.

There is a pastel green bow at the gore

As well as where the cup and strap meets

The upper portion of the straps are thick. The straps are technically partially adjustable. But I was able to go above the thicker part.

The floral design goes all the way around the band.

The fit:

Left side

Right side

As you can see the upper lace portion does not lay flat.


From rom the front with a shirt on

The review:

There is a little bit of room in the cups, but not enough that I could size down comfortably. I think if I did size down (28DD) the green stitching below the lace would cut in.

Initially I thought the 30 band was okay, because it doesn’t feel big or overly stretchy, but I think a 28 band would be a lot better. The band doesn’t ride up (from the back pic), but it looks like it is from the side pics. I may possibly (in the future) permanently shorten the band (by taking it in at the hook and eye closure).

I wore this bra all day today (I also wore it 2 other days), and I don’t see or feel any issues. The lace not lying flat does bother me somewhat, but that can be fixed with a simple stitch (of the lace) at the gore.

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