Panache Jasmine 30dd *houndstooth*

*Be forewarned, this will be a long post with a lot of pictures, as at some point this bra went from being a little loose to fitting perfectly.*

Color: pink & black houndstooth

The bra:

The inner part of the bra is lined with a black fabric

There is a slim black bow at the gore (closeup)

but no no bows where the cups and the straps meet

There are 4 parts to the cup, the part that is attached to the strap, the upper lace part, an inner panel, and a middle panel.

The lace portion is very stretchy

The houndstooth print does not go all the way around the bra, the back portion is black.

The straps are nice and thin with a picot trim around the edges.

The review:


This bra is just 😍

I prefer black & white houndstooth or pink & white houndstooth, but this is cute too.

You can see some of the space in the cups:

Wrinkling on the side of the smaller cup

The marks on my skin from the wires. As you can see the very top corners of the gore are sitting on breast tissue.

Photos of me in various tops

I wore this all day for my birthday. And it was largely okay fitting most of the day.  There were a few areas of poking mainly at the gore. Also I think the side of the bra on the right is a little too far back


Update from 2/2016

For a while I couldn’t find this bra. When I finally found it, I wore it, and noticed it actually fit. I’m not sure if you can see the difference in fit, but I get a rounder appearance now than I did before.

There is no wrinkling on the cups.

The back

This bra is like 90% perfect. It’s only after wearing the bra for a few hours that I start to feel pressure from the gore. Once I start to feel it, it doesn’t go away until I take the bra off. But I think just about every bra I own has a stabby gore.

I like that the upper lace portion is very stretchy, and it allows for upper fullness, and accommodates for difference in sizing. There’s nothing restrictive about it at all.

I want to note that when I wore the bra in February, I didn’t notice the wires being too wide on either side.

I actually have a few pairs, in a shopping cart that I may buy soon, just to have a few different colors.

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