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Cleo Meg 28e

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Color: dark blue with red mesh, and blue and white

The bra:

There is only one bow in this bra, and it had a small bird ornament hanging from it

**pics of the bra after it was thoroughly washed**

The review:

There is some wrinkling on the band

As well as throughout the cups

At the top

The bottom

Even though there is some space/wrinkling, I do consider this to be a bra that fits.

The gore tacks

I initially thought the wires were a little wide, so I took pictures after I took the bra off to see.

As you can see the gore does sit on my breast tissue somewhat, but all my bras do.  I think I need a gore where one wire sits on top of the other.

My breasts no longer look like this. I have dark marks from stabby gores. 😓

Pics when I wore the bra to work.

Beautiful. 😍


1 month later

Overall there seems to be less wrinkling/more filing out the cup.

There is still some wrinkling on the bottom, but it looks like there’s not as much as before

Another day when I wore this to work. It was undetectable under my shirt.


At some point since I joined bratabase/abrathatfits my measurements changed slightly. So the pictures could be before and after.

I’ve worn this bra a handful of times since getting it off poshmark. I don’t recall having any complaints with the wires. The only time the wires bothered me was when I wore a few uncomfortable bras consecutive days for like a week, then when I got to this bra, the gore bothered me after a few hours.

*The first set of pics was taken 09/15/15, the second set 10/15/15

Claudette Paloma 28f

Color: Pointe Shoe (a very beautiful pale pink)

The bra:

I just can’t describe how beautiful this bra is. When I was ordering my bras form zulily, I did not hesitate when it came to this bra. It was the first bra in my cart.

The bottom portion of this bra is like a silky satin. It’s just so exquisite.

The upper portion is a soft mesh. It looks very delicate, but feels strong.

There’s a beautiful pink ribbon bow in the middle,

as as well as where the straps meet the cup

The strap also has that same ribbon (from the bow) going down the center.

Physically I love everything about this bra. It’s pink, which is my favorite color, it has a very soft a delicate feel about it. Visually there’s no flaws in this bra.

The fit:

The fit on the other hand…  Leaves much to be desired. 😥

Simply put, this bra doesn’t fit. It’s too small.

I don’t know of those pictures accurately show how tight this bra fits, so I took additional pictures.

This picture best shows how tight the cup is:

You can see an indent, and I believe the wrinkling in the fabric is due to the cup being too small.


It actually makes me sad that this bra doesn’t fit me. Out of the packaging, I thought this bra would be a perfect fit, and the longline would be too big. I’m surprised it was the opposite.

When I measured the depth of the cup, it only came to about 7.5 inches!! (approx 19.05 cm). So although this bra is labeled as a 28f, it has the depth of a 28dd. I don’t know if I got a freak pair,  or if this is how it’s supposed to run. It is essentially 2 sizes smaller than the size on the label. I am obviously not happy, because now I have to {attempt to} resell the bra. And if I try to buy this bra again, I’ll have to get a 28g 😳 and hope that my 28f wasn’t mislabeled.

Before I purchased this bra, I did search online for reviews, and the few that I saw said this bra runs smaller than the Claudette paramour. That was an understatement.

Consensus: Don’t buy this bra unless you have the measurements for it. 😕