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Love Claudette polka dot longline 28f

I know I have like 30 bras to review, but I’m just got this one today, and I have to review it.  I love it so much.

When I first bought it, I kept going back and forth on which size to get. It was suggested to me to get a size 28f & I was like, there’s no way in hell that’s going to fit me. I did an ‘eenie meanie mini mo’ thing and ended up with a 28e in my cart. I ordered it, and then 5 minutes later cancelled that order and bought the 28f.

My hesitation was due to the fact, that none of my Claudette bras are size 28. They’re all 30″ bands, and some fit okay, others are too big. The looser fitting bands are on the 30Es. The cups on those are slightly big. The 30DDs I have, are slightly small in the cup. So it’s like I need a 30DD.5. So this is why I kept going back and forth between the sizes.

So enough about that…

Color: Peacoat polka dot (yes it says Peacoat, not Peacock).

The actual color of the bra is a mauve-y white, with dark blue, almost black polka dots, and a hot coral trim.

With flash

There’s the little coral bows

The straps have this beautiful ribbon going down the middle.

The inner lining of the bra is blue.

The fit/review:

Obviously I haven’t worn the bra yet, as I just got it earlier today. So this is how it fits right out of the bag. 😀

With a cami on:


My my nipple is very close to the apex of the bra. Initially I felt like on my bigger breast the wire was 1/4″ too far back, but I think I somehow fixed that. The band seems firm. If my 30e bras had as firm a band as this, they would be perfect.

I may wear this to work tomorrow, but I don’t know how comfortable a long line will be after working 8 hours.

(As of now) I love this bra and want more 28 band Claudette bras.

1/31/16 Update:

I wore the bra today to work. This really is my new favorite bra!!! I think I spent a good amount of time looking at my breasts in the mirror at work. So much time in fact that one of my managers commented that I must be in love with myself. Lol I feel like this bra makes me look like I have breasts. Unlike Cleo bras (like Minnie & Maya) this bra doesn’t push everything to the center, so some people may not like this bra. But I like it because the above cleo bras make me look flat chested (imo), and make me look thinner on top. I’ve always had issues with the size of my breasts, so anything that makes them look bigger (without padding), or not smaller, makes me happy.

The seams were visible under my knit shirt.


The side profile was actually very round, despite looking a little pointy in the pic.

Heres another front pic

and profile pic

Notice there isn’t any wrinkling in the cup as the pictures from yesterday. I think I forgot to swoop and scoop yesterday. Also, you can kind of see where my nipples are.

For some reason on my bigger breast, I did have some irritation on the side of the cup, but not on my smaller breast.

One thing I feel like I should note, is that the top and bottom of the gore tack, but in the middle where my 3 fingers are, isn’t tacking. I’m not sure why that is.

The boning beneath the wire on my left breast (smaller breast) kept digging every so often at work.

The size label on the bra kept irritating my skin, but a lot of tags irritate my skin. However, there seemed to be a sharp area that also kept irritating my skin when I was at work.

Green circle is where sharp area is.


Consensus: I need to get more of this bra. ASAP. I got off work 5 hours ago, and still haven’t taken this bra off. I’m at home chilling and still wearing my bra. I also feel the need to mention that the gore on this bra is not digging in, and that is a rare thing lately. I’ve had this bra on for 12 hours and no stabby gore! 😳😳😳 that’s unheard of!mthe gore does seem to be about 1/2 an inch higher than most of the bras I own (I haven’t taken measurements yet)

All in all, I await Love Claudette coming out with different colors of this bra. (I am very tempted to order this same exact bra, in the same color, and just dye it black).

VS tropical lace bralette additional pics

Here are pics of the bralette.  I didn’t want to make that post so picture heavy, since I had pics of both bralettes.

Review can be found here.


the lining of the bralette

seam going down middle of the bralette w/o flash

the straps are not too long


w/o flash

lining on the cup

the bottom of the lace








Victorias secret Tropical Lace Bralette size S (D-DD)

*Additional pics can be found here.

I initially purchased these bralettes because I wanted the free blanket.

But I actually ended up liking the bralettes.


Thankfully these bralettes come in band AND cup sizes. Well, sort of. These are the sizes they come in:

XS (AA-B), S (AA-C), S (D-DD), M (A-C), M (D-DD), L (A-C), L (DD). So they don’t have the whole spectrum of sizes, but they have more sizes than regular bralettes. My preferred size would have been XS (D-DD), but they don’t make that size (yet), so I went with the S (D-DD). It was a good choice.

The fit:

It’s actually a good fit.





I did notice that after the first wear, it does seem to stretch out some– notice in the burgundy bra pics 3, 4, & 5, the bottom of the bralette isn’t touching my skin in certain spots. (The pics were taken on 2 different days)

The bralette is very comfortable. I wore it to work one day, and while I was at a red light, I started panicking because I thought I forgot to put a bra on. My breasts aren’t very big, and they’re self supporting, so I don’t know how well this bralette would work for someone with heavier/bigger breasts. I like this bra enough that I’d get more, but not for the $23 price. Not that $23 is a bad price, I just don’t want to pay that much for a bralette (or really a bra. I’m cheap like that.)

The bottom of the bra is actually very stretchy, so I really wouldn’t mind if they started making these bralettes in XS (D-DD).