Parfait Delphine 30dd

In my rush to return this bra, and the 30d, I forgot to take pictures of the bra so I could talk about it. Oops.

Color: Summer print

About the bra:

The Delphine bra from parfait, is a half padded bra. The lower half of the bra has a thing ‘foam’ like lining, and the top is a stretchy lace. This particular bra is the summer print, which features bright pinks and deep purples in a floral pattern. The lace on the bra is bright pink. The bows on the bras are blue.

The Review:

When I first tried this bra on, I didn’t adjust the straps, so it gave me a really pointed look. It literally looked like this >.

This bra fits, but it doesn’t. Seems to be the story of my {bra} life. The top of the lace cuts in slightly, but there’s a little room where the cup meets the lace. This bra is looking for someone with a little more center fullness than what I have, but less upper tissue.

The sides of the cup are too high. If I wore this bra I would be irritated under my arms within five minutes.

The gore is also too high.

A not so good view from the side

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