Sorry for the delay

my main goal for this blog was to post about my stories with bras, and how they fit. I haven’t been postin lately, due to three things:

1. My job. I’ve been getting more hours lately (woo hoo! 🎉🎉). So instead of working three days a week, I’ve been working five. Which is always a good thing because I have bills. But when I come home, I’m not always in the mood to make a blog post, because it actually takes a lot of time. 

2. Speaking of time, I use my iPad for a majority of my posts (except this one-I’m on my phone right now). Right now I’m in my phone because I was in the middle of writing about the Delphine bra in 30dd and my iPad is going ridiculously slow. I went to save my draft, and 5 minutes later it’s still ‘saving’. 😡

I seem to be having a lot of issues with my iPad and WordPress. I’m not sure why. It’s little things but it’s annoying because it slows everything down. Like right now, I’m ready to add pictures (one by one) and I’m still waiting for the page to load. I think with some of the issues, it’s my iPad. Like if I got to a website where there’s a lot of pictures, Safari shits down. I can’t even play music videos on YouTube at the moment. Anyway, some of the issues I think are WordPress related. Like if I notice in the middle of a sentence/word a misspelling when I try to ‘click’ on it and fix it, it’ll go somewhere else. This happens every single time. And it’s annoying.

3. Poshmark. I’ve spent an insane amount of time on poshmark. Window shopping mostly. I will try to talk about poshmark briefly. 

Poshmark is an app where women can but and sell used or new clothing, shoes and accessories. It’s in app form only, there’s no website (like how eBay has a mobile version, an app, and a desktop version). You can find name brand items as well as unbranded items. 

*following this post will be a post about poshmark 

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