A word on my reviews

I just want to mention that a majority of my reviews are going to be how the bras fit when I try them on. A few reviews here and there will be how they fit after wearing them. I realize it makes more sense to do a review after I have worn the bra for a few hours, but some of the bras I’m not completely sure if I am going to keep. Some of the bras I know I won’t keep due to them not fitting, but didn’t/can’t return. 

Some issues don’t come up until you are actually wearing the bra– like right now the bra I’m wearing fit okay when I tried it on, and for okay for the first two hours, but later on the gore started digging in. As I’m typing, it is still digging in, but I’m too lazy to take it off. Some of the bras I can’t comment on how they fit after a few hours because I either didn’t buy them (tried them on only) or returned them immediately. 

When I can, I will update (with or without pictures) on how the fit of some bras are. 

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