Bras I Want

There’s a few bras I want. See of these bras, I can’t find in my size, and some I can’t afford. šŸ˜„

Cleo Marcie

i don’t know if this bra would actually fit me, but I’m looking for either a 28dd, or a 28e.

Cleo Lucy

again, I’m not sure which size I would need. The black 30dd fit me, but the white 300dd was a little too big. So again, either a 28dd, or a 28e

Cleo Darcy

There’s a 99% chance that this bra won’t fit me! as I believe it’s better for shallow women! but I want it.

Freya doodle

I assume I’d need a 28e

Ewa Michalak ‘kwiaty’

I couldn’t even tell you what size I would need in this bra.

Panache Jasmine

Just because it’s houndstooth. Size. 30dd

Speaking of houndstooth… I absolutely love houndstooth.

Now this set below, I actually ordered last week, Wednesday, but I never received an email from the seller confirming the price, so, I guess, technically I didn’t order it.

It’s possibly not the right size either. It’s a 65E, which some sites say is 30dd, and some say it’s 30d. So we need to keep our fingers crossed and hope it’s a 30dd, otherwise it won’t fit. šŸ™šŸ¾

And yes, I ordered the panties too. In size M, which I’m hoping fits like xs. šŸ˜³

Update: okay, so I spoke too soon. I received the shipping confirmation for the set above literally a few hours after this post. It’s coming from Japan so hopefully I get it in two weeks or so.

7 thoughts on “Bras I Want

      • I have never had a problem with their orders šŸ™‚ I will tell you though, that ordering direct, they require a signature to deliver, so someone would need to be home. A friend of mine owns Zathiya. Have you heard of them? She has some Kwiaty sizes left, and she is in Texas, and accepts returns if it doesnt fit šŸ˜‰ here is the link to her store. If you decide to order anything, be sure to let her know that Tanzi sent you šŸ™‚
        I am also going to post an interview that I did with her on Friday. She is really great to work with, very sweet and knowledgeable.

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      • I was actually on their site about 30 minutes ago. Lol.I think in that bra the smallest they had was a 60HH. I’m not 100% sure of what my polish size is/would be, but I know it wouldn’t be HH. (I wish . I have not been blessed with my mother’s busty side of the family). I think I’d be between a 60F & 60G.


      • so that would be roughly a 60E or 65DD in EM. the cup sizes “usually” transfer directly over, but alot of women size up in the band for a couple reasons : 1: that band size is a special order from EM, and 2, sometimes that bands can run pretty firm. I checked a couple of our retailers to see if they had either size, and they dont :(sorry!


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