Natori feathers black 30dd

Color: black

About the bra:

A beautiful black bra

The gore is short with the lacing around it

That same lacing is at the top of the cups.

The outer part of the cup is a sheer lace, with a molded cup behind it, unattached

The lacing goes all the way around the back to the hook & eye closure

The straps are nice and thin.

The review:

This bra technically doesn’t fit me. For two reasons, 1- I probably need a 30DDD, and 2- this bra is mainly for women with shallow breasts. I have too much lower projection for this bra, and it shows in some of the pictures below. All of the pictures with a heart on them show the space between my breasts and the wire.

Without swooping & scooping

After swooping & scooping.

Bigger breast

Smaller breast

Looks okay from the side.

The gore tacks at the top

But it’s not as close to my skin on the bottom.

I tried to get a picture of the space, but it doesn’t look evident, and this was the best I took.

Below, I have my finger where the space is.

The cute lace design on the wings/band.

This bra is very comfortable to me, so I’ll be keeping it. Initially when I put this one on, it was bothering me on my bigger side by my underarm, because of the elastic, but now it’s fine. I love that this bra is simple, yet sexy. This is actually my second Natori feathers bra, the first one I got from Burlington Coat Factory.


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