Bra band extenders

I am going to talk briefly about the two bra band extenders I have purchased (off of eBay)

The first set, came as a set of three, in the basic colors: black, beige and white. There is a little section, about an inch in length, maybe less, that is stretchy. And also not part of an actual hook & eye closure on a band. I bought it because I thought it was ‘smart’. I figured the stretchy part would help loosen my bras, so they weren’t soooo tight. Well they do, just too much. I tried the black one on with my Cleo Maya bra, and it made the band too loose, even on the tightest setting. The stretchy part is elastic, and does what elastic is supposed to do– stretch.

It was too bad that those didn’t work out because I only paid about $2 for all three. I paid that amount because I wanted to buy from someone in the US, so I could get them quicker. Of course if I got them from an Asian country (China, Hong Kong, Korea etc) I could have paid a lot less.

While this type of extender looks nice, I wouldn’t advise getting it unless you had a band that was drastically too small, like two sizes.


The second set of extenders I bought, look just like the regular bands on bras. There’s not extra panel of stretch.

I did bite the bullet, and ordered from a non US person. I’m not sure where the seller was located, because although the listing was in Canadian dollars, it had the location of China. I haven’t received them yet, I think they’re due to come in around the middle of August.

They were very cheap. I paid $1.04 for ten. The only ‘issue’ some may have, is that all ten were the same color. Now, that’s not an issue for me, but it may be for some. I was only wanting to buy black. There was a seller selling these extenders in the town over from me, but they didn’t have black, so I didn’t buy any. Plus they were selling one for $2, and I would have needed to pay tax. I do believe there are ebay sellers that sell sets of various colors, but I didn’t really look, because that’s not what I wanted.

So the picture above is important. I didn’t realize until I attached the stretchy extender to one of my Freya bras, but all band hook/eye closures are not the same width. The width of the Freya hook/eye closures was slightly smaller than the extender. The difference was only about 1-2mm, which wasn’t an issue when I was trying it on, but it may get loose when you’re actually wearing it.

Both extender types are also available with three columns of hook/eye closures, instead of two.


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