Cleo Neve 30D

Color: floral

About the bra: this is a molded bra- a bra that has molded cups that are made from synthetic fibers. This particular bra (thankfully) doesn’t have any seams in the cups. Molded bras will keep their shape.

The main color of this bra isn’t white; it looks the way white fabric does when it gets washed with something that bled red or pink in the water. It’s like a pale pink.

The gore on this bra is very short, with a cute little orange button.

The band has the design on it.

A close up. The bottom has pink ‘frilly’ detailing

The straps are relatively thin and blue with slightly raised dots.

This bra reminds me very much of the ‘wear everywhere lightly lined’ bras from the VS pink line, except the cups are thicker. Kind of thick for my tastes.

Cup from the inside.

When I received the bra, the cups were stuffed with tissue paper. I guess the person that processed this did that to keep the cups from flattening out? My two Neves came this way, but my Jude didnt.

The review:

Okay, so technically, this bra doesn’t fit correctly. There’s quadboob galore (aka cleavage), and from this pic, it looks like the wires are below my IMF. The cups are essentially too small, and too shallow on the bottom for my breasts.

You can see the quadboob from the side.

I like the shape, but I’m not particularly in love with it. I’m not sure why I took this pic.

This is a cute bra. Definitely for the young at heart, and those that like florals. When I tried the bra on, I did feel as though it was tight where the wires were, but that could be due to the fact that the cups are too small. And I think the molding is thick enough that it may show through certain tops. If you don’t gave any quad boob going on. I have quadboob, and I think there may be a line where the bra ends.

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