Claudette Cool Cotton 30dd

Color: American Tan

About the bra: has a low scooped neckline. It’s supposed to be an everyday bra meant to be worn under t-shirts & tank tops.

American tan is a brown color.

It is actually light and airy, like it’s made of t-shirt material. There is a small button at the gore where the wires meet.

There is one vertical seam that goes down the center of the bra.

There is also some sort of side panel on the inner part of the bra, which is visible when worn. 😕

It really is a simple everyday bra.

The review:

Apparently on the Love Claudette site it says some women prefer to go up a cup size. while, I did see that little blurb, I wasn’t (and still am not) completely sure of the correct size for myself, so I got a 30DD. I am okay with buying 30DDs, some are okay, some are too big. But I haven’t encountered one that was too small. Until now. I obviously wouldn’t have thought a 30DD would be too small, and I’m not too keen on buying 30DDD/E, since they would most likely be too big. But with this bra, I may have to go up to a 30E…

Without swooping and scooping, this bra doesn’t look too bad, it actually looks like it kind of fits.

But when I swoop and scoop…

The gore is sitting on my breast tissue. You can see the quadboob.

From this view, you can see the side support panel. As well as the quadboob. The side panel’s visibility doesn’t go away with bigger breasts/cups.

The side profile view, is horrendous, there’s no other way to describe it. It makes my breasts look saggy!!! Which they don’t even look in real life! Again you can see the side panel thingy.

Sagginess, quadboob and nipple visibility, all in one pic!

It looks okay with a low cut top. But not a higher cut top.

With my thin maxi dress, you can see my nipples AND the vertical seams.

I really hate hate that this bra fits me like crap, it is so very comfortable. It literally feels like I’m not wearing anything at all.

I’m really really debating on getting the 30E. The fact that I’d have to pay $7 shipping, and Love Claudette doesn’t accept returns is keeping me from purchasing it.


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