Cleo Lucy white 30dd

Color: White

About the bra:

its a white bra made of both lace and mesh. In the 30dd the bottom half of the bra is 2 pieces of fabric, while the top is one. This is a multi-cup bra, featuring one horizontal seam, and one vertical seam, separating the bra cup into three parts.

The upper part of the lace and has a floral design.

The lower part has small flowers randomly placed throughout.

The very top of the cup has a small circular design, which is also present on my Cleo Minnie bra.

the gore has a small bow, the only bow on the whole bra.

has nice thin straps.

This is a cute, simple, yet not boring bra.

The review:

The Lucy bra in white fits drastically different in the white color, versus the black color.

I got it from Amazon when they were having their prime day deals, and it was relatively cheap, so I got both black and white.

This bra is too big. It looks ‘okay’ from the front,

But there is wrinkling throughout the cup

There is a good amount of space at the top.

The gore didn’t tack, there was actually enough room for me to put one finger down there.

side profile was ok, but you can see the wrinkling.

The side profile with my cami on isn’t a good look.

This is will be returned. I initially bought it so I could dye it brown, but I don’t feel like being bothered to go through with an exchange.


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