Cleo Jude 28f

Color: black and magenta

About the bra:

Molded bra. A bra with molded cups. Molded bra cups will keep their shape. The cups are rounded.

The main color of the bra is black.

There is some pink lacing around the top of the cup. At the gore, there is a small lacy pink bow.

the straps and the hook & eye closure are both pink.

The review:

I bought this bra because it was part of the amazon prime day deals, and also because I have it in a 28e, and that was deemed too small. I did however attempt to cancel the order after I made it, but it was too late.

When I swoop and scoop I get a good amount of cleavage, even though this bra doesn’t have any push up padding.

Even though it is an f cup, it still cuts off my tissue.

Side view with some quad boob.

Looks perfect with a cami on.

However, the gore doesn’t tack at all.

Not even a little bit. 😞


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