Love Claudette Paramour 30dd

Garnet color.

About the bra:

Its a beautiful deep red color. Goes wonderfully with my skin color. The bottom half of the fabric is a satin-like material. The upper material is a mesh material. There is a bow at the gore between the cups, as well as one on each side where the straps meet the cups. The outline of the bra is black. On the 30dd there is two hook and eye closures. The mesh on the band matches the mesh that’s at the top of the cups.The gore Cup & strap

The review:

I’m conflicted on whether or not this bra actually fits me. It’s a close call.

The gore tacks at the top, but not at the bottom.

The top of the cup seems rather closed off, so this may not work for someone that’s full on top (FOT).

There is some slightly wrinkling in the cups.

The gore on this bra in particular does seem kind of high to me, but I am used to wearing VS bras that have an extremely small gore. So that will be something I have to get used to.

I get a slightly pointy shape when looking at the profile.

When I initially tried this bra on, I had some gaping between my breast and the bottom of the wires, but as of right now (I have the bra on), and it’s touching my skin.

Verdict: as of right now, I’ve decide to keep this bra. It’s cute and it was cheap. Plus, the company I bought it from doesn’t accept returns.  In the future I may try to go for Cluadette bras in a 28 band, if I can find them.


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