Cleo Minnie (7431) alteration

So last night I decided to alter my Cleo Minnie so it would fit better.

What I did was lower the top section by taking a portion of it out (by taking it out, I mean folding the extra fabric under). While I can definitely see a difference, I don’t know if I like it any better.

I took it the right side (my bigger side):

 While it does fit the top area better, it also pushing the gore into my breast tissue, giving my breast an odd shape/look.

but from the side it looks a lot more rounded.

Altered on left                             Regular on right

Excuse the pic on the right. I think whenever I use my left hand to take a pic it makes me stand in an odd way. So while in not standing the same way in both pics, I think you can see the difference in shape. From the front, the altered side looks flatter on the side. I don’t like that because it makes me look skinnier.

The top of the bra is very visible through my thin tank.

A side view with my tank on. Again I’m not standing straight in the pic on the right, but I think you can still see the pointiness vs. the roundness on the left pic.


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