Amazon prime order

I bought about 8 bras Wednesday night when Amazon was doing their prime day deals.

This morning I check the status of my orders and they’re ALL in the town next to mine by 5am and ‘out for delivery’.

I was doing a happy dance because *maybe* just maybe, I’d get them before I had to go to work.  So I kept checking every hour. But I know ups normally comes near my house around 12, 7 at the latest. 😒

I get this text just now.

It’s like 80 degrees outside. It’s not raining. It’s actually pretty nice out. So nice that I wish I didn’t have to go to hell, I mean work.

But I’m leaving for work in 20 minutes, so that: 1 I actually get there on time. 2   I have ample time to get some Starbucks and 3 return a bra. And getting Starbucks is like a 30 minutes thing. 😓


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